Monday, October 15, 2007

6th wedding anniversary at lee's ferry.

well, had a great two nights/three days at lee's ferry on the colorado river! we headed up stream with tara and devin, it was their 5th anniversary as well, it was their first paddle upstream from the ferry, and they had a blast! conditions absolutely could not be beat, days in the upper 70's, nights in the 50's, almost no wind with often glassy surfaces. we really only fished hard one afternoon and caught eight really nice rainbows. the slot limit says you have to release everything over 12", so we had three trout for dinner, setting the rest loose, and there were some beauties! didn't have a tape measure, but check out this beaut denise caught that's almost paddle blade size! a highly recomended adventure, you aughta go give it a shot! back to work, steve.

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Japhy rider said...

i miss the Colorado Plateau. so cool to hear you all are taking full advantage of the niceties of your local. hope you left some of the lunker-sized fish for the next guys/gals.