Saturday, December 09, 2006

new sea kayak's 1st. try-out

first try in the kayak went really well! me & denise can build it in 30min. no problem, 1st try. stayed dry and warm, even though it was cold enough that what little of the lake that was unfrozen was re-freezing pretty rapidly. the only other folks in flag who thought it was a fine day for boatin' turned out to be brock and brian reibe, trying out brock's new fishing boat, he was hotrodding back and forth in the icefree zone with a 50 horse on his 14 ft. fishing boat. had a great time, saw 6 bald eagles, a heron and a bunch of ducks. can't wait to get it on some bigger warmer water. check out thay make some fine products! going armbiking today, post some pics later tonight! thanks for reading! steve.

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