Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yellow Dirt Roadster done, another one in the works

 Hand made hollow cable stop

 Stepped seat tube sleeve to accept a DKG collar perfectly

 Beautifully masked dropouts with all stainless hardware

 ST pulley for any front derailleur

 H2O diamonds for a touch of class & durability

 Clamp installed

 Next to my 1996 Team Rock Lobster

 Very smoothly polished

 Stock head badge

 Out in the sun!

Enjoy & thanks for looking, one more Dirt Roadster & then into Mountain Bikes!!!

 - Steve.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Baja Oct-November 2015 = Damn, it was awesome - fish, whale sharks, great friends, super food!!!!

 It was amazing hanging out with the whale sharks!
(Click on 1st picture to scroll through)

 We spent two mornings hanging out with them, one day we spent five hours just cruising with them.

 So sublime.

 Underwater photography is hard!

 Here be monsters - biggest was at least 2X the length of my kayak, or at least 30' (10 meters) long!

 I have no idea what this creature is at all.

 The smallest fish I have ever caught - a halibut - fully hooked!


 D. says she's going to eat it.........

 She's not kidding, either.

 D. with a big one!

 Osa just freaking loves the panga!


Better then a piƱata!!

 She is so helpful.


 Pretty little pintado set loose

 Daily double!



 Fun to get to use the big rods

 Bass & tuna

 A couple damn nice tuna steaks, tag-teaming the filleting

 Chillin' with Al - such a good dude.

 We get a casita for a few days each stay to break up the dirt camping.

 BoLA rigs

 Another Whale Shark day!

 Scouting for our buddy Angel


 Post whale shark beverages - ice cold Pacificos & Damiana margs

 Man........that is one fine plate of Pescado al mojo de ajo, we bring the fish, they prep it all up perfectly.

 A beautiful Mamillia cactus

Such a good dude, he used to run the sea turtle sanctuary, due to his hard work we saw sea turtles almost every day on our trip.
I washed tanks for him on a bike tour in 1991

 Antonio's campo - highly suggested


No cell phone access here, coffee is "When the sun is above the point" and evening meetings are "Happy Hour" just before sunset to watch it & then shooting stars - so amazing.

 Julie - not sure how many more times we will get to see sweet old Julie.


 Good cats!

 Burn you then hurt you, or hurt you then burn you?

 Angel y Erika, living the dream for reals.


 I love the Sinaloa chicken stands so much

 Gracias y ustedes!

 Tacos Junior may be my favorite non-seafood taco stand in the world, in Cuidad Morelos, there & Tacos el Rey in Loreto.........

 1st thing in Mexico:
New Hats!

 Tacos El Guero, where the fish taco as we know it was invented, Mi Amiga Alejandra there was interviewed by NPR for just that, and here, a plate of Camarones a Diabla to die for......

 Pulpo/camaron cocktail & tacos de, so good.

 I hate killing snakes, but this sidewinder damn near got Taylor in the night, very aggressive and not backing down.

 Holy Hell that was a sunrise!


 Some of the most threatening seas I have ever put in on, and so good........damn.........

 Symphony in Blue

 Shit, Taylor - not bad for your 1st day kayak fishing ever!

 We will be well fed!

 Many corvinas, I just started feeding people on the beach for free

 Bring it.

 Colors you just can't make up.

 Calavera de Delphin

 An old codger

 Kelp grouper




 Shade up!

 Holy fishing kayaks!

 Big bag for T. to take home

 Graham Macintosh - world famous adventurer

 Dream Date

 "I hope this is not the last ever picture of me"
Setting out for a month!

 D. brought her new/used paddle board

 Purple heron

 Those Orangemouth Corvina are pretty toothy

 More whale sharks!

Never had a Rapala bit in 1/2 before.......

 Cattle Egret

 Crested night heron & purple heron

 Another little slice of heaven.......

 Ospreys everywhere.

 Full moon paddle

 More corvinas.......I just started taking orders - "You want fish? I'll bring you fish"

 White Ibis

 Old dolphin, it was digging big holes?

 That one got me.

 The road to the end of the world.

 Off to town!

 Glass, just glass.........

 Deadly poisonous Bullseye Puffer, "Botetes" neurotoxin AND they bite too.......

 Gorgeous catch & release Kelp Grouper

 A fine bag of fish - want a cold drink?

 Momma & baby dolphins having fishing lessons

 Cortez Halibut


 Bat Ray!
My shoulders hurt for days




 So playing with a Marine, fine fellas, I always talk to the Federales, almost all nice guys, mostly poor working class dudes getting ahead in life.


 Off to see our good friend who owns a campground

 Senor Fong, rocking his 80's, one of many descendants of Chinese immigrants in Mexico.

 Signs of San Ignacio

 Breakfast on the Zocalo

 Pretty damn OK

 White Heron

 Cocktail hour!

 Manuel - our good friend, like family.

 I love the solid hand-carved doors here.

 Pitahaya peeling lessons - native cactus fruit, so good.

 Huh - never caught one of these - some kind of Grunt

 Long lost family?

 Paul over for a visit.

 Old engine from the mines

 More whale sharks!!

A damn fine trip was had!