Monday, August 31, 2015

Projects as of late, 8/31/15 - happy fall!

 Just working through bikes - a tall Dirt Roadster here.


 All brazed & checked - I have started building & polishing out the fronts first to brake up the toil

 And another unicrown for the next build as well.


 Still harvesting = we have to put lots of time in, but boy we have good food.

 Electronic routing

 It's the little things.

 Off to paint!

 Same as before, but a 26" this time.

Thanks for looking - just checking in while working along!

Saturday, August 08, 2015

A whole post of awesome!

 Lots of things going on here, just crazy-busy!

 A fork for the white Dirt Roadster you will see below.

 Tack sequence below.

 I didn't have the cranks at the time, so back to good old drafting!

 We are also harvesting our small 35-ish tree orchard, and preserving it - just did 20lbs of salsa too - here, plum jam & BBQ sauce.

 Always optimum to get the parts in hand.

 Offset BB miters

 Just moving along……..

 Now yellow plum time!

 I had to fix our tandem sea kayak, and re-build my wife's favorite bike including new wheels & drivetrain.

 This fork is for the project I am currently working on.

 Cruiser for a client 6'6"


 Blue metallic - so cool.

 A whole bunch of detail shots below:

 And also a Dirt Roadster for ~ 35 tires

 Also excellent work from Spectrum Powder

 Details, details……..

 And then peaches, thousands of them!

 Do everything as to the best of your ability.

 Roadster assembled!

 And then this………Dirt Roadster / Drop-bar MTB with integrated truss rack!

 Amazing details on this one.

 And how about that?

Thanks all - rolling along, stay tuned & thank you!
 - Steve