Sunday, January 25, 2015

2015 - it's a whole new year at Coconino Cycles!

 Hey, everyone - I know it's a bit late, but happy new year!
The order cycle went great, thank you all - as of now, so far this year all my bikes are still at paint - three as of now, and another coming right along in the jig, so whole bikes and painted pics soon, thanks for the patience!
Above, all bikes are polished to this finish level.

 Had a run of 650B's, then it looks like a few more of them and it's into the Mountain Cruiser and Dirt Roadster zone.

 Mostly Coco-Motos and Paragon DR-2010's - a run of mountainbikes, I think two 650's and a 29er at paint.

 Ready for polishing.

 Chasing the threads and alignment checks.

 Last one the went to paint.

 These came out stellar, doing a one pass big fillet is hard.

As soon as I have some back from paint, I will post them - be nice to see some colors other then bronze and grey!
 - Steve.

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