Sunday, November 23, 2014

What's up 11/23/14 - current builds - build queue - taking orders 1/1/15 for two weeks only!

 That's allot, I know - first though let's take a look at Keri's new 650B/27.5" wheeled MTB - because it's pretty damn sweet.
It's in AZ Copper and this inside light doesn't do the gold flake justice.
It also has Sliders, which I will do no sweat for a $175.00 upgrade, and it also allows you to switch plate to use 135mm, 142mm TA, 1-speed, hanger - it allows allot of options.

 Quite the build on this one, Phil Wood hubs & BB, Cane Creek 110 headset, WTB rims, grips and tires, Erikson Ti post, White Industries cranks, XTR brakes, Easton bars & stem - yep, I am still building all wheels for in-house bikes.
Been doing allot of straight top tubes again - your choice, no price difference.

 OK - so let's talk about New Orders.
As in the last two years, I'm only taking orders for two weeks starting on 1/1/15 - this has been working really well, better then I ever imagined, it lets me just get down to building bikes for the people who really want them, which is good.
So, same as it ever was, if you want to get on the build queue send me a check for $200.00 after 1/1 but before 1/15/15 = to: Steve Garro, 1235 W. Palmer Av, Flagstaff, AZ 86005 - and please drop me an e-mail as well, so I know when to close it -
Frame base price = $2,250.00 fully fillet brazed with all the standard Coconino goodies and features.

Thank You!
Questions? Drop me an e-mail.
Below is a list of up & coming orders.

 Here are the current builds on the docket:
KK - just SS's left.
Steve H, Rob B, John L, Bill S, Stabo, Shilo P, Kevin D, Todd L, Kenton H, Russell L, Jeff A, Dave R, Shabir K, Wendy N, Craig M, Michael H, Chris R, Kip M, James P, Stuart L…….and on……

 And now on to more random shop pics…….here, how you make H2O mounts straight.

 Tight is right & outta sight!

 Keep your curves in phase - have to have curves.

 This one is at paint, it will be a stunning dark purple sparkle.

 We also like high polish around here in all it's forms.

 All buffed out & ready for gravy

 Fall is gone and winter is upon us, leaving very little direct sun.

 And on to the one that's in the jig now, yet another 650B - this one has my Coco-Moto dropouts but with all the extras removed - derailleur hanger, drive side rack mount, just the basics.

 Same bike getting the main alignment check, which it passes swimmingly.

 Above, that's just dead-on.
Below, stack the dimes, grind them down.

Below, a big fillet gives you a bigger template and also provides peace of mind with longer forks.

 Looking good!

 And some recent bikes out the door, client pics - thanks & keep 'em coming.
Below is the disc version of my "Dirt Roadster" - that's a really versatile bike, and fits in a travel case with the S&S coupler upgrade.
Singletrack Worthy!

 And a tight 29er for trail carving - sweeeeet……..!

 A 29er with it's traveling outfit on.

 Cruiser details = I make the MTB model, the Cruiser, and the Dirt Roadster.

Here is a rim brake Dirt Roadster - very elegant.

 Room for 42-45's and ready for trails, road or touring.

I reckon that will do for now, I'm out of here from today for six days for Thanksgiving with D's family, we have her Mom out who is 80, going to spend some quality time with her, I haven't seen here in almost a year & a half.
As always, let me know if you have any questions & pass the word - Steve.

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