Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 2014 - it's a wrap / built list, please check your place in the queue

 A quick rundown on current projects……, Teresa H's bike in process, which as you will see below is now orange!

 Cleanly brazed.

 Winter Sun low in the shop - alignment check and polishing.

 Standing guard over the dropouts, and finish polish.

 Here we see Matt P's travel bike coming along.

 And here is Deb L's frame, now built as you will see.

 "Blue Madness"

 On to Steve C's Ceramikote bike, which is getting built today.


 More pics when it's assembled.

 Phil titanium BB

 Matched with White Industries 165mm arms and XX1 adapter.

 And here is Teresa's frame - both pics are the same frame in different light, and in direct sun it has a deep gold flake.

 Nice rack!

 And here, Deb's 650 all built - stunning!

That's it for now, here are the next builds: Pollard, Jim G, Kevin D, Andrea, Scott K, Scott Z3, Serge, Mike V, Shilo P, Keri P, Christie D, and on………
Drop me an e-mail if you are climbing the list, please!
- Steve.

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Cruiser out of here, 29x3.0" as well, Deb L's 650B at paint, upcoming builds!

 Man, E-Mark's Coconino Mountain Cruiser came out stellar - I'll let the pictures do the talking.

 Excellent coverage from Spectrum Powderworks.

 Well hell yeah.

 And Tom F's "29er Plus" (29x3.0" tires) went out of here as well - deep sparkly fire engine red.


 And then I got Deb L's 650B off to paint as well.

 Above & below, fine alignment.

 Rear axle parallel with the B shell and centered with the frame.

 End of the day.

 The bike was too small for a good flow with DR2010's so I made this combo.

 Off to be a beautiful blue.

Busy, Busy........
At Paint: Steve C.
In the jig, pics soon: Teresa H.
Upcoming: Matt P, Eric P, Jim G, Kevin D, Christie D, Scott K, Scott Z3, Serge, Mike V, Shilo P, Keri P, Andrea, Steve H, Steve K x 2, Rob B, John C, John L, Bill S, Stabo, Mike B, Lee A.
Plus more - if you placed an order 1/14 you are not listed, but are noted and climbing the ladder.
Thanks everyone!
- Steve.