Saturday, October 05, 2013

Bikes out the door in Oct - please note, we are out of the country for three weeks starting Nov 10th.

 Been damn busy building bikes as we are out of the country in Baja for just a little over three weeks coming up on Nov 10th - Oct is looking to be an insane month, so get ahold of me sooner then later.
 So, I got BB's 29er out the door - it's just beautiful - sorry for the somewhat marginal pics, I'm not a photographer & the client wanted to go ride it - can't blame him on that one!

 Super beautiful in the falling sun.

 Last rays of the day.

Stoked Guy!

 And on into MG's 650 - it came out damn near perfect.
 Here, details of the hand drawn blueprint.

 Glad i took all that geometry & drafting in school.

 Bustin' out vent holes & miters.

 All tacked up & ready for brazing before seat stays.

And then on to being brazed up.

 And after a soak an alignment check.

 Better make sure the wheel & the cranks fit.

 Onward to Fun Stays.

 And then a ton of fine polishing.

 Off to paint, limejuice green with gold.

 Such a nice frame.

 My nerve impingement has subsided to a dull tingle at times rather then not being able to use my left hand, which is awesome - I even got to ride for the 1st time in about 4-5 weeks, which helped my head space considerably.

Tubes in, bikes out as fast as I can while maintaining the highest level of quality - Steve.

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