Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Building along slow & steady - the way I do everything.......

 Josh's bike is off to be Ceramikoted - more on that when it shows - should be COOL!
 A 650b, it came out awesome.
 Polish work & raw silver brazing.
 Building lots of wheels as well - I love wheelbuilding.
 Jonah's bike at the get go with plenty of build pics to follow.

 Next build - a tall one!
 Shop Monster is growing.

 Enjoying spring boatin' straight from the house.
Cheap recreation is cool.
Just working on my pile of orders, and yes, the build queue has closed until January 2014.
More news as it happens, does anyone still read this or is it all Facebook now?
I sure post allot of pictures over there if anyone is interested......
- Steve.


Anonymous said...

Keep the blog posts a'comin Steve. We still read and enjoy.

Japhy rider said...

still readin' the blog, amigo. facebook weirds me out.

frames look super nice!


Craig said...

I still read your blog, Steve. Facebook can be overwhelming and very hit-or-miss. I prefer going to blogs that I know I enjoy. It feels more personal. Keep it up!

Kyle O said...

Interested to see how the Ceramicoated frame turns out.

Great stuff as always, in the shop and on the water.

Shawn said...

Still read'n fooshure! Always enjoy Coconino news, THX

Anonymous said...

Still read here too... Boooo Facebook!

Eric said...

the blog is great NO FACIESPACE!

Kristina said...

anti my face. Since i don't come visit, I still get to check in on you

steve garro said...

Facebook rocks!
Best thing for selling bikes EVER.

josh said...

I read both!