Friday, April 26, 2013

Late April, What's Up? / Build queue closed until January 2014 to catch up on existing orders.

 I got Jonah's 29er trail/tour bike almost done - it has been a long road, but it should be ready for many long roads to come.
 Back end shot.
 Pictures of assembly - King, XT, Stans's, Thomson inc. Ti bars, Fox, OMM racks F&R, DT-Swiss - all the good stuff.
 With current Big Bike in progress in the background.
 Big Bike - 6'7" rider.
 Stays being Fab'ed and shop help friend doing general assembly.
 I found the pics of the white 650B that went out to Boise - I lost them in a random folder - a really, really nice bike.
Middleburn, Hadley, Phil Wood, King, Rhenthal, Thomson, Stan's, Paul, XT, DT-Swiss & also a Fox Fork as well as this rigid.
 Getting out around Nor-AZ.

Small dog getting bigger!
Yes, I have closed the build queue/wait list until caught up on the list of orders I have stacked up.
I expect it will re-open in January of 2014 for a set amount of slots with previous clients having precedence.
Thanks for reading, and also check out Coconino Cycles on Facebook, where there are MANY more pictures.
Thanks for reading!
- Steve.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Far flung press releases!

There is this one from Velonews Poland:

And this radio interview with NPR:
And more as well - I'm good about getting press, just not passing it on......
- Steve.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Building along slow & steady - the way I do everything.......

 Josh's bike is off to be Ceramikoted - more on that when it shows - should be COOL!
 A 650b, it came out awesome.
 Polish work & raw silver brazing.
 Building lots of wheels as well - I love wheelbuilding.
 Jonah's bike at the get go with plenty of build pics to follow.

 Next build - a tall one!
 Shop Monster is growing.

 Enjoying spring boatin' straight from the house.
Cheap recreation is cool.
Just working on my pile of orders, and yes, the build queue has closed until January 2014.
More news as it happens, does anyone still read this or is it all Facebook now?
I sure post allot of pictures over there if anyone is interested......
- Steve.