Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A quick post on current projects.

 Wow - I got the Mountain Cruiser done, the first one ever out of my shop with double straight top tubes - all the rest have had a curved top tube, and I think I have made 15 cruisers total (I call the lower one the "kicker" tube) and the owner actually owns one already with the curved top tube, so............
 This design goes way back in bicycle history, but it's the mostly California bloodline of 26" wheeled BMX cruiser class racers - dads needed something to race on BMX race day, and thusly the Cruiser Class was invented, leading to many iconic bikes like the SE Racing OM Flyer, the Cooks Brother's bikes, Powerlites, Torkers, Lagunas, Pandas, King Stings, ect. I personally believe this is where the first true "Mountain Bikes" came from, with the Mert Lawwill Pro Cruiser being, in my opinion, one of the first true Mountain Bikes, then on to the Breezers, and VVA (Victor Vicente of America) bikes and more, all of which had variations on multiple frame tubes - tubes were smaller, and you needed more of them to make a stiff chassis - as for bicycle specific tubing, road bike stuff was all there was to be had..........
 I wanted some sun pics, but none was to be had, so snow pics will have to suffice.
 I timed myself on the polishing - 15 hours of polishing alone - these are legacy quality, and they are SMOOTH.
 And immediately on to Michael's 29er/700c single speed.
Dang - True Temper, Dedacciai, Paragon, Coco-Moto, Everest, Columbus, eclectic frame parts pic. Custom, Yo.
And, I have been building many custom wheels - most people get a wheelset with their frame if nothing else. I build very, very nice wheels.
In just that stack: Stan's, Kris Holm, King, Hadley, Phil, White Industries.........
More soon, very soon, like this afternoon, important news about the 10th anniversary of Coconino Cycles, which is on February 7th.
- Steve.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Slowing down on the Blog, but cooking away in the shop.

 Yep - working away like crazy - haven't had any complete bikes to show as the last few bikes have been sent to Spectrum Powder Works for fancy paint, which takes longer, especially as everyone is getting their bikes painted for the handmade bike show right now.
Here in this picture I am doing the rare side job, not because I am never asked to do them, but because I rarely agree to do them.
This, however, is an amazing project, a exact as possible replica of one of the first Grand Canyon boats, the Neville. Check out Brad Dimock's work at

 Here is Steve's 650B before completion and going off to Spectrum.
 Some damn nice polishing.
 Yo tengo Huevos, que verdad!
 Steve's bike complete - it came out BEAUTIFUL.
 Here, new chainstays from Dedacciai - Man, I have been waiting a decade for these.
 The next bike, a 2-6 cruiser, is running these as well as a pair of Paul dropouts.
A sound choice, as this bike will be running V-brakes.
 Joinery & tacking as art.
Below, all tacked. I spoke with Don Ferris who made my new Anvil fixture, and he told be to go right ahead and braze the bike at this point, a big departure from how I have always built - it has not been removed at all from the jig at this point - allot of trust here.........
 ........ready to braze, fingers crossed...........
 Holy Shit!
It came out PERFECT. This fixture saved me a whole bunch of time, a whole bunch.
 Above, you can't ask for better then that.
 Checking the tire clearance at 16.25" - room for a really large tire, 2.35" no problem, 2.5" tensioned.
 Man, my hands are beat, and it is slowing me down.
I now have a brace on the other hand as well for the same thing - hyper extended thumbs.
I have to nurse these things, they are the only ones I have & my lively hood depends on them - sorry for any delays, folks, but that's how it is.
 Mrs Garro's flock is fully running - five bikes, one not pictured.
Three 650B MTB's, one 26" and one 700c commuter.
 I have been getting out for some fun, here I am somewhere in the Verde Valley with my bro-in-law Greg.
 Here is a really cool petroglyph shrine, it had the little niches pecked into it for offerings, all over the entire rock - found throughout the Verde valley, which has seen habitation back almost 14,000 years.
 Corn grinders, metate on the left, mano on the right.
All this likely goes back to the Sinaguans, who left ~ 900 - 1000 yrs ago.
 Central AZ canyon country.
 Gus-Gus almost checked out a few days ago, he was sleeping right here on top of the car when it sped away, and he took a whipper off the top at 20-30mph and went between the wheels.........blew his collar off and he lost two claws - a lucky dude!
 My beautiful wife - I love her so.
 D. got me a beautiful painting by Connie Townsend because she loves her new 650B so much - I love it!
 Client pics - keep 'em coming, thanks!
Here, Matt is riding among the ruins at Wuputki, AZ.
 A 29er.
 Here, Rex in Marin, a 26" with a rohloff 14 speed rear hub.
 Lonnie in Silver City, NM - a 650B one speed.
 Eiji in Osaka, Japan - a 650B one speed. Beautiful.
 One from Deepsix in Virginia. Damn sharp bike.
 Here, Brian with his game face on as he & his team knock out a manly relay across Malaysia!
Way to go!
 Above, BR's 26" super-custom S&S breakdown cruiser, it folds in two pieces & fits in a check on bag. Picture taken in Barcelona, Spain. Awesome.
Last pic, Aki's 29er/650B combo riding the trails in the mountains of Japan. Thanks for all the pics, people, keep them coming.
My next blog post is going to have some VERY, VERY important info on the future on Coconino Cycles on our/my 10th anniversary of bicycle fabrication - stay tuned, please.
Thanks you for everyone & all your collective patience - Gracias!
- Steve.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

2013 - the future's not what it used to be.

 Denise got her new 650B out for some rides - she LOVES it.

 And, she ran into JT from Boise out on the trail on his Coconino, which he has owned since I think maybe 2003-04'?
 I even got out for a couple rides myself.
Below, it's winter here, and it's freakin' cold - -6*F the other morning. My body does not like it, not at all.
 Here I have done a series of before & after shots of just brazed & de-fluxed, and after being painstakingly polished.
 Tools of the trade, and a macro of the headtube & toptube junction.

 Seattube cluster. Thumb brace for hyper-extended thumb.

 Coco-Moto dropouts, there's a sharp edge on that one......

 BB post brazing, and signature segmented seatstays & web brace.
 Below, my usual polishing/work station, blue padding is to brace your knees on.
 Below, final alignment check & marking braze on placements.
 A six Coconino ride, five gals & Luke.
 Lonnie sent me this pic on the Continental Divide trail outside Silver City, NM.
Fine country, the Gila.
Below, 13'5" of Coconino riders.
 I have gotten around to organising the shop to start off 2013 and started dropping some tubes into the new jig.
 This is a 650B for Steve K of Flagstaff.

 A couple shot from out jeepin' with our friend Connie.
That's it for right now, I have to go do mega-shipping day after everything being closed for so damn long.
thank goodness the election/Thanksgiving/black Friday/cyber Monday/X-mas/New Years mayhem has wrapped up!!!
Look out soon for a post featuring full build queue/new features/FAQ for 2013.
Thanks, everyone!!!!!
- Steve.