Friday, April 20, 2012

Rex's frame, Chris's bike.

 Rex's frame all done & ready to go to Nor-Cal for some fun in the sun & mud - sweet matte green!

 Front & back.........

 Excellent curves.
 Chris N's frame getting an alignment check before I proceed onto adding the rear - you have to get this part just so before you start adding the rear end, where things get complicated.

 Blogger has a new "better" interface which I am trying to figure out with much frustration and yelling at the screen.
 Above I have spearpointed the stays with a hacksaw, warding file and 1/2 round and vented them and then brazed it up quite cleanly if I must say - there is 1/2 of an almost 3' long brass rod in each end.
 Seatstays all fit together, brazed up, bent and mitered.
 Ready for seat stays.
 Alignment check, again.
 Cleanly brazed up and ready for de-fluxing and polishing.
 Totally brazed up.
 And after much toil all polished up & ready for braze-ons and then paint.
 Nice curves in the sun.
Full braze-ons installed and damn near ready to go get some gravy.

Thanks for reading all & have a great day! - Steve.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Long time no post, been real busy / stuff & things.......

Rex's frame at final alignment check - very nice.
I accidentaly did something I've said never do, I put a curved tube and a tapered oval downtube so the only tube I had hold by to polish it was the seat tube - darn!

That is some tight fillet brazing even if I say so myself.


Out in the sun pre-polishing, post de-fluxing.

A nice shot for the curves, I began to think of it as the "Mudslinger" as it's made to use a 14-speed internally geared Rohloff hub, not clog with mud around the tires, and not collect mud on the chain - Rex sent me pics of what looked like a bike but coated with adobe - this should help - I also think I remember that Mountain Goat Cycles had a "mudslinger" model?

Checking out the housing runs, very nice. EP in the background helping out around the shop.

All polished out, most of the braze-ons in action - 27 individual braze-on pieces.

Here is Chris Noren's frame from the get-go, a 26er with a 120mm fork for Elko, Nevada.

Getting the spine straight from the get go, more pics to come ASAP now that I have my computer back from the computer doctor........pinche computers.

And here is the front triangle all tacked up - onwards tomorrow.

Look at the cool 2" tall sculpture I made!

Another weird one.........

D. & John - if you got your bike painted one color in the last 4-5 yrs then John likely did it - Iron Horse Powdercoat, 928-774-7747 Flagstaff, AZ.

Busted up again - yep, hyper extended thumb - ouchypoo, slowing me down a little but still at it.

We were down in the Verde Valley a bunch lately with friends & family.

Perfectly good singletrack.

Nice swimmin' hole.

Mystery flower.


Martian trail.

Cranking it out - a handcycle first, 4.5 hours out in the desert.

I made this!

The Yuman Beings up to visit from the desert.

Up canyon.

A couple big Bighorn Sheep.

Another nice day out with D.

Springtime in the desert.

These are called, yes, "bluedicks."

I got to show the boys how to catch the trout - got six.

Good to be back at it, office day today. Thanks for checking in & reading, everyone, thanks allot.

- Steve.