Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorry for the long time no post - lots of random things to share!

 Blogger is loading pictures in a random manner, which it sometimes does, and because of this I'm doing two posts today for you fine folks, all five of you - thanks for reading!
 Here is an awesome picture I took at 75mph returning from a 36 hour fishing/camping trip - man, we made the holeshot on this one. I have never seen a storm like this, and the next day there were tornado warnings right where I took this and i think this one was on the verge of rotation.
 Those dark cloud fragments were dancing around and appearing and disappearing rapidly - scary!
 Just out there marching across the desert........
 Gullo came over & helped me curve tubes, two different wall thicknesses & varying radii for different builds - the very acute radii one will go to Rock Lobster Cycles to build step-through bicycles - cool.
 I got this super cool Milagrosa del Pato from Ted - I love these shrines he makes.
 Gelle's frame mod to disc is finally done, I can do frame mods to bikes I have built, but it may take some time. Usually a good amount of it, they have to fit in the cracks between frames & bikes.
 A couple pictures on the way to the put-in - not promising looking..........
 Church rock below - there must be 1000's of "church rocks" in the four corners.

 We took our "little" boats - only 14' - up since we were only doing an overnighter.
 Fishing was pretty good! not off the charts, but plenty good.
 D. paddling upstream.
 The interplay of light and shadow was fascinating.
 A nice fatty for dinner - delicious.
 The clouds are pink because they reflect the red from the surrounding desert, which is largely composed of red and pink hues. I love this effect, it tells me I am home.
 Not bad, but storms were literally on the horizon - shit hit the fan not long after this, and some great effects below..
 I also got in my 1st ride in over 2.5 months - it beat me down but good.
It looks like we travel far & wide, but usually all my pictures are within a 2 hour radius from our house.
 The Bracken were resplendent regardless of the weak moisture this summer.
 Often I do not even use trails. They don't always go where I want to go.........
 But, sometimes they do.
 These orange guys are all about the thistle.
 Bristlecone pine.
 We actually saw a few Segos - I thought for sure there would be zero of them this year - we saw maybe five, instead of thousands like last year.
 Above - grease your seatpost!!!! This one fused due to being un-lubed - I wish I had gotten it before removal was attempted, as when I got it it was 1" down the seat tube, and I had to bore it out to what you see below, and then I had to painstakingly remove the rest chip by chip - there is still some down in there, but it will hold a post just fine, I could have likely gotten it all out had there not been over 8" of post stuck in it. I likely could have gotten out more, but the ID of the post was oval and I could not get a tapered reamer into it - a Ritchey - Folks, you only need 4-5" of seat post in your bike.
 Fugly, huh?
 Above, seat stay detail.
 And here, seat stays ready for mitering. The bike below is destined to live here as a "guest bike"
 Dead-on true to the blueprint.
Thanks for reading, all!
- Steve.

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