Monday, June 25, 2012

A long over due Blog post, late June 2012 - much to show, Do people still read Blogs?

 Malissa took posession of her bad-ass new one speed. It would be hard to make a finer one speed - mostly made in the USA gruppo, light & sweet and hand laced wheels to ice the cake.
 A close-up for all you bike fans. Super great color, too.
 Absolutely gorgeous White Industries cranks, Light, stiff, simple, tough, and you can see yourself in them. No chainring bolts to loose, and Titanium self-extracting bolts with brass caps.
This bike has a whole WI "gruppo" - cranks, hubs, freewheel.
 I build lots of wheels & have been doing so for around 25yrs - I do build new wheels for non-frame customers, just ask.
Here, White Ind x Stan's and Chris King x DT-swiss.
Below, a Phil Wood BB - if they put this much care into some thng you will never see, you know it's awesome.
 Above, Greg's blue 29er is waiting for a few final parts. It's a fully non-filed bike, in that I did not polish the fillets to s glossy finish, but left them as-is and painted it. At some point soon I will re-do my pricing structure with "Signature" fully polished frames going up in price, and "Team" frames being slightly less.
For now, ask for details. Closeups of the fillets are below for inspection. They are pretty nice!

 One super busy shop above, and a raw unfiled fillet above on Ted's 700c all-rounder.
 Above, Ted's 700c all-rounder, it will fit at least a 40c tire front & rear, has rack mounts for Surly Nice racks, and a bottle opener.
 Above is the completed fork - it came out very, very nice.
Frameset below with our kickin' flower garden.
 Above, Annie shows off Angnes's MTB that I built around seven years ago, it was Derrick Bell's last paint job, and it kicks ass.
 Blue & white flames, hell yeah.
Above, some of my doo-dads on my office shelf from all over the world.
From left to right, a dolphin from Opua, New Zealand, a silver llama from the witches' market in La Paz, Bolivia, a rat fink from Lars in Seattle, WA, a turtle to bring money from a curadera in Bolivia, a Zuni fetish fron Zuni, NM, a Hopi Mama Katsina, a flicker feather, wood bowl from Chile, shells from Baja, a tooth from my last elk I killed, some other castings, rocks from all over.........

Super busy around here as you can tell, orders coming in, very little spare time right now but the SW is very dusty and burning up so I just try to see it as "brown winter" and work hard to get through to until the rains hopefully start, but I get to go kayaking this weekend - thanks everyone for everything - Steve.


Anonymous said...

We're still reading the blogs...keep 'em coming!
Beautiful no-file rig there.
What's the approximate wait-list time for a frame and fork ordered now?

steve garro said...

The waitlist has not changed at all in the last 7-8yrs (closing in on a decade)it runs 11-13 months consistently
- Steve.

joelknows said...

Yeah...we still read blogs!
Aside from the bike porn, I enjoy your photos of your adventures in Northern AZ! Also, one of the many reasons I look forward to Monsoon season here in Flagstaff, is for the new growth of wildflowers, and your photos of them with identifications.
Keep it flowing, thanks!!

WPVelo said...

no file!!!

rock it Steve!


perryd said...

cool paint job. It's kind of peaceful.

And you KNOW I never miss a Coconino Cycles blog post.