Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wrapping up Melissa's frame.

 I got the seat stays all fabricated, I have these down to a few hours now with joining the segments, cleaning them up and bending them. I would be glad to stop making them but they look super cool and ride really nice, so they are here to stay. One of my signatures in framebuilding.
 And here all tacked onto the rest of the unit, and below all brazed together.
 Super-yummy: blue brass flux - take a chug!
 Finished fillets still very hot.
 Bling! a seat tube junction fully polished.
 And, the whole bike as well.
 Mandatory booty shot - nice curves with the Coco-Motos.
 Excellent "flow" throughout.
 What can I say? That's money.
 Signature Coconino seat cluster.
And, the Coco-Moto dropouts - soon, Vulture Cycles & I will be working on a version with a derailleur hanger and twin rack mounts - a few months out.
 Thanks for reading, all! - Steve.

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Anonymous said...

The smaller frames do look sweet - I could rip that through the singletrack!

Have we got a build queue list coming up Steve......

Peter - England