Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Out of the shop until March 7th.

Yep - off to Baja - we'll tell you all about it on the other side.
See you then, packages and mail can still be sent, but we will be totally out of communication for around three weeks, wish us luck, I'll give you all a full fishing report & we hope to cavort with whales and whale sharks - wish us luck!
- Steve

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marks's bike off to Utah, Debbie's off to paint.

Mark's 29er is off to Utah - it's an un-filed frame - all the fillets are left in the raw state and just painted. It kind of looks like a combo of aluminum beads and a big TIG weld, but has it's own look.
Also shown are the new Coco-Moto dropouts, all covered in a coat of black olive - nice curves!

Another one, this one with a stunning backdrop - my wall. Sorry!

Unfiled BB junction.

This is unfiled on Debbie's bike - just before I filed it.

Some of the tools for polishing - 80 grit, riffler file, beat up hands. Check.

Debbie's at "full polish" right before braze ons. A sweet smooth 26" mountain bike.

Really great curves. I like how the seat stays came out very much.

And, with full braze ons and ready for paint.

I have barely been getting out of the house at all what with going to Baja and the fact that my handcycle is temporarily broken.........We did get out with friends on the Verde for a great 10-mile paddle.

here is a majestic Arizona Sycamore that may or may not get through the next big flood.

Blue Boat Crew.

My lovely wife.

Pretty much just tying things up before we leave to Baja on the 15th, returning to work on March 8th - we will be totally out of communication, but will have a house sitter so boxes can still be shipped here. - Steve.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Debbie's bike cruising right along.

Debbie's 26" MTB is cruising right along, sadly I lost the pics of the very start of the frame as they were on my computer that up & died...........
Here is a frigid end of the day shot complete with dog prints and snow, polishing it up right now.
I've got a fair number of orders for 26" bikes, and I love making them as much as 29ers, they still fit a great number of people really perfectly and are for those who really want a flick-able trials-y quick bike.

Still, many pics did survive. Here's aligning the frame before the seat stay brace goes in.

And some mighty fine S-bend seat stays before fitting - this pair came out very nice.

Fitted up.

And a really smooth curve from head tube to dropouts on this one.

Very spot-on brazing. I am doing no-file bikes now, ask for details.

Seat tube cluster.

Right On.

That's it for now - We are going to Baja for three weeks on Feb 15th so if you need to get a hold of me please do before then and I'll do my best to get right back to you. We will have a house sitter so if it's packages then ship away.

- Steve.