Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winding up the first month of fall.

6'8" Nate's bike is coming right along, It's going to be a no-file frame, so it will be going to paint shortly.
Some new things/custom bits: the new "Coco-moto" dropouts (see below for more info & a better view) an oversized headtube to fit a 1.5" - 1.125" tapered steertube Fox fork, oversized 1.25" seat tube for a 30mm seatpost and an additional seat tube sleeve at the bottom bracket for stiffness/durability. For a size check the head tube is 170mm long.........

Chris P's bike after final polish - shiny! braze-ons were added & off to paint it went.

booty shot - curvaceous without going overboard.

Coco-moto dropouts! A statement in technological backlash against over complicated single speed dropouts. One set of bolts needed - the ones that hold the hub to the frame.

The wheel is removable without fiddling with the disc mount.

I will still offer Paul & Paragon horizontal dropouts for rim brake applications and Paragon "Rocker" dropouts at an added $175.00 for the Rockers.

Regular Horizontal dropouts like the Paragon, the Pauls & the Coco-motos are no additional cost.

A Paul dropout with a disc mount & a piece of 5/8"x.035" brace = 250g

Coco-moto = 257g

Paragon Rocker = 366g.

I will do slider dropouts for a $175.00 upgrade, but I no longer use the "windows" model.



Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles & Myself in 1991.

It's down to the cold-hardy fall flowers in the Coconino Natl' Forest like this paintbrush......

.......or, this gorgeous Aster.

We ran into K-Bar out in the forest on her old-style Coconino.
All ways good to see any of the Barnettes.

Peaches from our Camp Verde house - sooooooooo good.

The San Francisco Peaks just the other day. A light rain scared away most folks.

But - trails were great!

A better pic of M-Beth & here three speed - I finally got the Brooks B-17 seat in.

Red Jalapenos - oh, man. A bumper crop of various chilis going of down in the Verde Valley.

Raspberries out on the trail.

Mushrooms from out on the trail as well. Sorry to see these guys wind down.

Yellow Delicious apples & Pears from the neighbor's trees - get them before the Whitetails do.

That's it for now, everyone - busy as always, thanks for the incoming orders from the CCFR and have a great fall! - Steve.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What's going on - fall, y'all.

JM's beautiful blue bike, off to NC.

Final alignment check before the seatstay brace goes in. if anything needs to be slightly tweaked through tacking then you need to do it before it goes in as then it's all tied together.

A slightly different view. I'm used to my perspective being effectively 4'8" tall in a chair, but my shop is often referred to as the "hobbit shop" so I wonder if it looks odd to others - thoughts?

I like this stage very much. Chris P's 29er - I raced against Chris in the 80's & early 90'.s Him, Myself & around five other guys were duking it out for the overall and any one of us could win on any day, on fully rigid bikes, and damn - we were fast.

And just like that fully brazed. I have been trying to hone my brazing to the highest level as the orders for un-filed bikes are coming in (they are less expensive, are fully custom, and use all the same parts, and soon I will have a color chart for them of around five colors) so my chops have to be at the highest level.

only a few builders have offered un-filed bikes for sale, it's that intensive - Ross Schafer, Tom Ritchey, Paul Sadoff, Rick Hunter, maybe a few others. It's something I have strived for from day one, ever since I read in the book Bikecult that "the un-filed fillet brazed bike is considered to be the highest form of the art" That put a fire under my ass and gave me a goal since day one.

Just soak it & lay on some gravy, huh? This one will have full polish, however. I will never stop offering fully polished frames - it's actually my favourite part as it's very focused and artsy, but at the same time it's really hard on one's body, wearing out your joints and skin.

$$$$$$$ - smooth.


A big guy with lots of stuff needs an appropriate bike to carry it all. Taylor off to the Gila.

Just a quick post to show what's going on - busy, busy with more to come! - Steve.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Coconino Cycles Family Reunion - random pics / Thanks to all, a mighty good time was had!

Boy, I had a good time - thanks to all!


Andy/Gullo. 90 shirts sold?

One of the prettiest - Sam's 650B

Thanks to all! what a great success. At best guess over 60 Coconinos. I just handed out my camera and the following pics are the result.

Person from farthest away = Bill Hatcher, Sydney, Oz.

Random collections of cool-ass bikes. It was really cool to see not only the progression/time line, but also the customisation of each bike done by the owner as well as the pure variety of bikes I have built since early 2003. Closing in on around 300 bikes or so.

The Shires from Tucson & Borling.

Eddie Rudd, Mc D, Annie B. Lots of Red Pepsis!

Jeff's beautiful 650B...........

Amanda McD's, Auger's townie.......



Hecktor & Very Warped.

Starting to fill in - the bike in the foreground rode the entire Silk Road.......How about the Monster Tour bike with the mega-fatties?

Just kickin' it. erin O'brian in the center - one of two Tuba City friens who showed from my childhood, Him & Tom Monroe. known them since I was 7yrs old - it gave me a sense of place.

Really starting to fill in - lots of comparison & swapping test rides.

Folks from AZ, CA, MO, NV, CO, Oz, NM..........

Arieal view........

D's townie, seat down for a guest.

The cruiser that started cruisers - Brock's.

Around the world touring bike.

Cosmic Ray's touring bike. Many countries under this bike's belt.

Let me rip your 29er! lots of this going on - Mike B's bike. "it rides like a dual suspention 26" High praise!

Two of D's bikes - a 26 & a 650B.

The "livewrong" cruiser............

Gittybike + shredlings.

Lucky bike - gets to live at Grand Canyon.

29er/rohloff touring rig + rare Coconino custom rack.

Well loved yellow bike. Who doesn't need a bike like this? Pure fun.

Hibiscus flowers + mascota.

A lovely baby blue - Alisha's.

Random - X-bikes, cruisers.......

# 13.

Norm & Jon - Jon painted most of the bikes shown, Iron Horse Powder - 928-774-3700.

Voted "favourite bike" Barry's 26" cruiser. I think this got 10 miles of test rides.

26", 26er, touring.......

This bike has 1000's & 1000's of miles. Much loved & much ridden on the back roads of AZ.


Annie & Eddie.

Sherri & D. Best buddies. Often mistaken for sisters.

Dan & Kathy B.

West & Bryce.

Ray, Serge & Barry. I think Barry won "most fun had" award.

Smithers manning the tap. Good job!


Barry, D, Petito.


this one is so old it has Kavik dropouts.

Some came already fully loaded.

Christie's 26" ripper.


Gooch bike.


Shop chair.

Bike's eye view.

Near full attendance.

D-Rock's final paint job.

# 17.

Garro Smile (pat-pend)

Elise, Auger, Gnome.

Gullo, Christie, Sam.

Joe Murray smile.

Thanks, All!!! If we have one next year will you show? Chime in - Steve.