Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 2011 - It's a wrap!

Alisha's bike was cooking right along..........

And is in polishing stage right now...........

..........But got sidelined for a day by shoving a tube under my finger, so sorrry for the lack of build sequence shots!

Stuart got his ride all built in VA! Sweeeeeet!

And Christie's bike rolled out - detail / sunshine & detail pics following >>>

Set up for facing & chasing............

I really, really dig this bike allot!

Smoooooooth seat cluster!

Simple, effective, strong disc mounting.

Happy Owner!!!

And I got out for a grovel with Kris, West & D. I miss my old cycling friends!

My preferred type of trail - low use.

Check out D's melons!

After hours with Girl-O and Brian W.

......And got in a day canoeing on the VR with the boys......

A nice little Largemouth.

Very Warped with a proud Roundtail Chub - a native fish to AZ.

Petito! Where did you go, Petito?

Matt & Shredder took a dip & gave the mighty V some booty.

Jimmy Gaun took on some agua.....

Out our back door in Camp Verde.

That's it for now - busy, busy!!!

After Alisha's bike we have - Jeffery's bike, Mike B, Tom C, John G, Nick K, Jason M, M-Beth, John A, Doug H, Chris P, Justin F, Greg B, Hunter S, Mark W, Jim R, Beth R, CWN, Brett M, Chris N, Nate C, Melissa F, Stuart - I think that's the queue right now todo - Steve.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A busy May.

A detail shot of just a tiny area of the polishing on Christie's frame. it came out sweeeeeeet......

Backwards to checking the frame alignment pre-seatstays.

.......And do a bunch of ciphering.

Then take some random lengths of greasy, dirty aircraft 4130.......

Do a bunch of true handiwork by well.........hand.

And heck! before you know it you have some nice seat stays just like that!

And here she is all ready for paint just before it yes, started snowing again.

I got out trout fishing for a few days with some great friends for my 43rd birthday - thanks for rallying, all!

Also along was good ole' Doug Hall, whose B-day it was as well.

True Grandeur.

D. says "HI!"

Beaver Noodlin' anyone? I offered Smithers $10 and he said no-go.

Just change out the river water once in awhile & you're good to go. Shading up during the afternoon.

The Borlings came along - good fun, you two!

Erik B. taking it all in.

Lunch + my custom Creighton - well used!

D. caught this stunning hen just stuffed full of eggs! What a great pink - back she went.

Yay, shade time!

This had to be the tallest Agave I've ever seen - it's a Utah Agave.

Beautiful sculpture giving water.

Orchids & Ferns.

King of the camp! He kicked ass on all other suitors.

Some Prickly Pear left but winding down fast.


That's it for now, Y'all, been back at work for a few days & rockin' it out.

Alisha's MTB next, then Jeffery's 700c. I'll be contacting several of you in the upcoming days for your upcoming builds - Steve.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stuart's bike / out of here until the 17th.

Mostly just a few shots of Stuart's disc All-Rounder & a reminder that we will be out of town until the 17th of May for my 43rd B-day.



And yes, it snowed yesterday, and it's snowing right now. Hoping for good weather in the desert!

When I return: Christie's bike, almost done. Alisha's next, then Jeffery, Mike b., Tom C & John G. & Ect. - Steve.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Long time no post / tons of things going on / here's some pics for ya.

Most of the raw materials all lined up for Christie's 26" wheeled MTB. A sweet "Sano" bike, horizontal Paul dropouts with a disc hanger. The super long tube in the picture is raw head tube stock.

All drawn up. Lo-tech, sure.......but - very, very accurate.


Ready for front triangle inspection. Six tubes of Made in the USA lovin'.

All tacked up & ready for seat stay day {today} - it's De La Cratic....

I am healed up enough from surgery to go have some fun in the great outdoors!

We live in a special place, all the outdoor pics to follow are less then 50mi span from each other & right by our houses. Here is a Soap Yucca putting out it's asparagus like sword which will bloom shortly.

Sego Lilies!

Many parts were quite rubble-y.

P. Pseudespectabilius. getting ready to pop.


Just opened & ready for business.

???????? - lots of little yellow flowers in AZ.

Again - ??????. Very pretty.

Some species of Daisy/Aster.

You have to pedal up millions of rocks to get to here.

Steep, too. No shade, either.

Now that's a great Sego. Less purple then the ones up here on the plateau.

Paintbrush - just coming out.

Ripping! Most excellent conditions on the mountain with snow only on the most north facing gullies.

Looking pretty bare up there.

First tracks.

My kind of trail. I keep to the local routes allot.

Four of us went fishing on the Mighty Verde & we just slayed it. A nice 14" LM bass here. It's fins are haggard from fighting & building spawning beds. All fish went home this day.

Post spawn they will not be so lucky as they are delicious.

A native roundtail chub - look at that tail - that's a powerful fish. they hit hard on lures & fight hard. We always release native species. This male is spawning, too - hence the orange colors to impress the ladies. We caught some of the ladies who were so full of eggs they looked like footballs - Forza, Chubs!

Immediate breakage upon launch fix with supplies I had along - zipties, medical tape & two boot laces holding on a 1" green willow branch found on site. Bomber!

The Gaun Bros. Jim & Joe floatin' towards Pine Mtn in the background. We are lucky beyond belief to have a designated Wild & Scenic river in our backyard.

Very Warped!

A damn sassy LM going back into the drink. Bass are some bad-ass predators.

I had a little incident.......nothing a Leatherman can't fix.

Girl-O got his toe-sies all burnt up :{

Back at it full steam! I'm here until the 12th & then gone until the 17th for my 43rd B-day, but I'm working every day in the shop until then. More later, thanks for reading, all - Steve.