Monday, September 19, 2011

What's going on - fall, y'all.

JM's beautiful blue bike, off to NC.

Final alignment check before the seatstay brace goes in. if anything needs to be slightly tweaked through tacking then you need to do it before it goes in as then it's all tied together.

A slightly different view. I'm used to my perspective being effectively 4'8" tall in a chair, but my shop is often referred to as the "hobbit shop" so I wonder if it looks odd to others - thoughts?

I like this stage very much. Chris P's 29er - I raced against Chris in the 80's & early 90'.s Him, Myself & around five other guys were duking it out for the overall and any one of us could win on any day, on fully rigid bikes, and damn - we were fast.

And just like that fully brazed. I have been trying to hone my brazing to the highest level as the orders for un-filed bikes are coming in (they are less expensive, are fully custom, and use all the same parts, and soon I will have a color chart for them of around five colors) so my chops have to be at the highest level.

only a few builders have offered un-filed bikes for sale, it's that intensive - Ross Schafer, Tom Ritchey, Paul Sadoff, Rick Hunter, maybe a few others. It's something I have strived for from day one, ever since I read in the book Bikecult that "the un-filed fillet brazed bike is considered to be the highest form of the art" That put a fire under my ass and gave me a goal since day one.

Just soak it & lay on some gravy, huh? This one will have full polish, however. I will never stop offering fully polished frames - it's actually my favourite part as it's very focused and artsy, but at the same time it's really hard on one's body, wearing out your joints and skin.

$$$$$$$ - smooth.


A big guy with lots of stuff needs an appropriate bike to carry it all. Taylor off to the Gila.

Just a quick post to show what's going on - busy, busy with more to come! - Steve.

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Pictures look great!

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