Monday, September 05, 2011

Sept 2011 - what's up.

I got M-Beth's frame & fork done and actually have it all assembled, but I'm going to wait to take some better glamour shots when I get the Brooks products & some good sunshine for better pics. A beautiful bike - just wait.

Smoothness detail #1.

Smoothness detail #2.

JM's frame at final alignment check before insertion of the seat stay brace & brazing.

Straight, damn straight.

Wheel check - just slides by with the largest tire I build an "average" 29er around, a Panaracer 2.35" Rampage - a full 58mm wide!

All brazed up & ready for the dunktank.

Smoothly brazed! I have a few no-file bikes coming up and this one would definitely pass muster.

one of my finest BB junctions to date. Very even throughout in both width and appearance, no porosities what so ever, no burning, no voids or globs, even pools and consistent radii.

Here too!

We got out kayaking for the first time on the Rio since may - boy, time goes by quick. Lovely Wife here at the put in, 8AM.

Conditions absolutely could not have been better.

The aptly named "rainbow trout" Boy - some excellent angling.

Nice gold on this fellow. A quick look of appreciation & back in the drink.

Borling #1.

Borling #2.

A torrential monsoon thunderstorm swept down upon us and waterfalls erupted from above from the rampart leading up to the Paria some 800-1000ft above - stunning!

Farther down canyon was Yosemite-esque with cascades turning to mist.......

Only to turn into a mind-blowing sunset with a double rainbow spanning the canyon!

A Sacred Datura blooming. We would watch the open in slow-mo every morning.

Nice fish, D!

I do not tire of contemplating the vastness of the canyons.

That's what I've got for now, Folks! Thanks for reading! - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Nice stuff Steve!

Jamenstall said...

Hey Steve is the green frame powder or paint.

Thanks Larry

steve garro said...

it's a custom color my painter mixed, it's powder with a sparkle topcoat.