Friday, September 16, 2011

Coconino Cycles Family Reunion - random pics / Thanks to all, a mighty good time was had!

Boy, I had a good time - thanks to all!


Andy/Gullo. 90 shirts sold?

One of the prettiest - Sam's 650B

Thanks to all! what a great success. At best guess over 60 Coconinos. I just handed out my camera and the following pics are the result.

Person from farthest away = Bill Hatcher, Sydney, Oz.

Random collections of cool-ass bikes. It was really cool to see not only the progression/time line, but also the customisation of each bike done by the owner as well as the pure variety of bikes I have built since early 2003. Closing in on around 300 bikes or so.

The Shires from Tucson & Borling.

Eddie Rudd, Mc D, Annie B. Lots of Red Pepsis!

Jeff's beautiful 650B...........

Amanda McD's, Auger's townie.......



Hecktor & Very Warped.

Starting to fill in - the bike in the foreground rode the entire Silk Road.......How about the Monster Tour bike with the mega-fatties?

Just kickin' it. erin O'brian in the center - one of two Tuba City friens who showed from my childhood, Him & Tom Monroe. known them since I was 7yrs old - it gave me a sense of place.

Really starting to fill in - lots of comparison & swapping test rides.

Folks from AZ, CA, MO, NV, CO, Oz, NM..........

Arieal view........

D's townie, seat down for a guest.

The cruiser that started cruisers - Brock's.

Around the world touring bike.

Cosmic Ray's touring bike. Many countries under this bike's belt.

Let me rip your 29er! lots of this going on - Mike B's bike. "it rides like a dual suspention 26" High praise!

Two of D's bikes - a 26 & a 650B.

The "livewrong" cruiser............

Gittybike + shredlings.

Lucky bike - gets to live at Grand Canyon.

29er/rohloff touring rig + rare Coconino custom rack.

Well loved yellow bike. Who doesn't need a bike like this? Pure fun.

Hibiscus flowers + mascota.

A lovely baby blue - Alisha's.

Random - X-bikes, cruisers.......

# 13.

Norm & Jon - Jon painted most of the bikes shown, Iron Horse Powder - 928-774-3700.

Voted "favourite bike" Barry's 26" cruiser. I think this got 10 miles of test rides.

26", 26er, touring.......

This bike has 1000's & 1000's of miles. Much loved & much ridden on the back roads of AZ.


Annie & Eddie.

Sherri & D. Best buddies. Often mistaken for sisters.

Dan & Kathy B.

West & Bryce.

Ray, Serge & Barry. I think Barry won "most fun had" award.

Smithers manning the tap. Good job!


Barry, D, Petito.


this one is so old it has Kavik dropouts.

Some came already fully loaded.

Christie's 26" ripper.


Gooch bike.


Shop chair.

Bike's eye view.

Near full attendance.

D-Rock's final paint job.

# 17.

Garro Smile (pat-pend)

Elise, Auger, Gnome.

Gullo, Christie, Sam.

Joe Murray smile.

Thanks, All!!! If we have one next year will you show? Chime in - Steve.


Richardo said...

Nice WALD shirt!

steve garro said...

Thanks! one of my favourites, a might hard score! "when the best just won't do"

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures! Bummed I missed the party, looks like a blast! I definitely won't miss the next one...

perryd said...

Have another and I'll be there and we'll bring the band! Good fun, good folks.

kpomtb said...

With bells on. I'm dang sure not going to miss two.

Japhy rider said...

it sure was great seeing all the bikes and friendly faces. thanks for making it happen!

Kristina said...

Heck Yes we will, maybe the whole fam will be on bikes next year.

Pablo said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Steve,that looks like a party I might just have to crash!!! maybe #3???? some choice creations there !!!

aki said...

Ahoj to all the Coconino riders!

You are happy shining and your bikes are so cool (and my bike as well).


Justin Hoppmann said...

Next year fer sure!