Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Early August 2011 - tired!

Tom C's bike at final polish before braze-ons are added - the prettiest stage, me thinks.
been working like crazy & I'm really tired & sore. this is Tom's second Coconino and it's headed off to Michigan for a life of singletrack & ultra endurance racing.

Booty shot in the sun with Richardson's Geraniums.

I just love the curves on this bike. It looks like it's going fast just sitting there.

Final alignment check. good to go, this frame was a pleasure to build.

john came by so we could make him a custom seat collar/rack mount. Cool to see his bike in the sun, quite the looker that will provide a lifetime of trails, touring and commuting. Good to go!

mandatory booty shot, all 10-speed XT with Paul Motolite brakes, Thomson stem & post, DT-Swiss rims.........

front end view - looking suave.

EP came by on his blue S&S coupler touring bike. it fits in a 30"x 30" x 15" travel bag.

I got out for a nine mile singletrack ride a few days ago - 4.5mi up, 4.5mi down. tired, damn tired.

Little creatures!

We ran into the Rudds - check out these micro shredders!

Eddie & Sherri sporting their Coconino T's.


Hotdog! Sally Dog at 15yrs. Still kicking, still needy.

Our peach trees in Camp Verde are going off! Sweet ripe peaches............

That's my update for now, I'm taking a day to just connect the dots, do paperwork and other semi-important things like shave & shower.......

- Steve.

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Anonymous said...

When are you and denise going to start selling your salsa?

Thanks for the seat clamp and all your help/thoughts/beers as they relate to the recent build. Will be on bike trek to Heber soon.

John G