Thursday, August 18, 2011

Checking in.

I have been working on this three speed townie/cruiser/MTB one speed for most of this week as well as some other things, I have the fork already built as well.

Initial design stage. I've been very busy, I think I have finally dug myself out the hole I created by having surgery back in March.

Jason M's large 29er up on the plate next - he's a tall guy & the new oversized/tapered headtube looks appropriate on the design.

Shawn Mc F. was down to visit Flag from WA and stopped in to say "hey" and bring his Coconino to see where it was made. A very cool high-trail design for riding mossy slimy trails in the NW - he rides the Whistler downhill trails on this!

I have been trying to get out riding at least once every 4-5 days to keep healthy & enjoy the great riding conditions in the forest right now. I'm good for a 3.5-4.5hr ride spaced out at about this interval or I overdo it and hurt bad, but any less and I would get fat & soft - I sit on my ass all day, for real, yet still weight the same 175lbs as ever - good eating habits help allot.

Three separate lines are allot to keep track of at once!

Indian paintbrush are very nice.

One day a week or so in the summer we are down working on the farm - fruit + vegetable season!

That's it for now folks - thanks for reading! Do people still read blogs? - Steve.


Japhy rider said...

yum! you gotta make a peach salsa for the family reunion! lookin forward to it.

Sabrosa Cycles said...

yessir. i still drop by.
i've got a frame in the works with tapered headtube accomodations. 44mm is ginormous.

Cyclebound said...

I was honestly wondering the other day if you were gonna start using tapered headtubes in your builds.

Anonymous said...

Always read, Steve.


aki said...

Yes, I love to read your blog all the time, so keep it rolling, Steve!


perryd said...

Yea, I read this blog and a few others, but very few so I guarantee that, as long as you write it, I will read every entry.

Hey also, I need a good book recommend. What do you like?


Anonymous said...

Do you (or someone else reading this) know the identifier for the life forms you refer to as "little creatures" in your penultimate post? I saw them on the az trail and wasn't sure if plant or fungus.

John G

Anonymous said...


You're cycles look soo tight. Glad to see you are still at it. Quality is rare and you do not waste tubing - that is fer shu.

Anon Craig, Eugene OR