Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wisconson - Family, Fun, Fishin' - Thanks for the great time!

Yep. You woulda hated it.............a whole week on the Mighty Mississippi with family.

Lots of time just chilling with the family. We missed you, Busheys!

The nieces & nephews are growing up into great adults. I can't believe you are all so mature - thanks for helping out your gimpy Uncle Steve!

Joe caught his biggest Walleye ever - 27.5" - what a hog. Over 1" thick fillets. Gooooood eatin'.

Man - Smallmouth Bass were just killin' it. everything under 14" had to go back {for all bass} and man - I threw back heaps. A keeper here.

Nicole caught this great one, here with Sis-in-law Nancy. You gals all rock!

ANOTHER nice Smallie.

Me & Jimbo. Great hanging, OM!

Smallest fish caught award.

Lots of these guys out fishin' as well.

a view from the rio of where the house sits.

Me & D. got in three great kayak paddles.

I had to...........

It doesn't get much better then that.

Brother & Sister. Can you tell?

Maddie with here first Catfish ever - nice job!

Joe with a Smallie - there are lots of pictures of Joe as He was one of the only family members who thought fishing twice a day every day was a fine idea, as did I.

Early morning - game on.

A decent Northern Pike - no "huge" ones this trip, but I saw a few that were log-esque spit the hooks. Think 5" long spinners for an idea.........this guy looked like he had a tangle with an eagle or something, maybe a great blue heron. They {the Pike} will bite the hell out of you & spew slime.

I thought this {very} early morning Channel Cat was pretty nice.........

Until Joe caught this one on a Pike spinner - what a great battle! Around 30" I reckon.

A pretty male Bluegill in his breeding finery going back into the drink.
Joe & I must have had close to a 50 fish morning with six separate species..

A fat 14' Largemouth Bass.

My 1st Sauger ever, a direct relative of the Walleye. Tasty!

Raven - the sweetest dog ever.

That's it - right back to work today organising & getting my ducks in a row. Tomorrow I will get up super early to get in my first bike ride in FIVE WEEKS {! - sucky} and pick up Jeffery's & Mike's frame from paint and prep them and assemble Jeffery's for shipping.

Next: John G's 29er touring frameset/bike and Tom C's 29er and on and on throught the next builds - buisness as usual - good to be back & stoked to build - Steve.


Dave Anderson said...

Great shots, Steve! Where abouts were you on the river? It looks like it might be near where I spent a bunch of time on the river in my younger days....


Ed said...

Reminds me of a trip my dad and I took to the Boundary Waters. Looks like you had a good time.

FM said...

A few comments...

Love the first pic.

Fish look incredible!

Guy on the bike...wearing a Navy jersey. Nice bike, wtf!

Looks like you have great family.


steve garro said...

Dave A: we were in Trempeleau, WI - in between Lacross WI & Wenona MN - I though of you as I flew over your city!

Dave Anderson said...

Very Cool. I thought that you had to be close. I get down that way a couple of times a year, its only a 2 hour drive. I spent a lot of time on the river in that area, especially down by LaCrescent, below lock & Dam 7, with my dad when I was a kid.