Monday, July 18, 2011


John G's frame coming right along - seatstays today & then brazing & polishing.

looking good with Panaracer Rampage 2.35's front and rear - a sporty, tough 29er touring bike and fork.

Rear dropouts raw - there is damn near 1/2 of an entire rod of brass in each of those ends.

Tacking as art!

I finally got some pics of Alisha's bike - nice blue and bonus points for matching white accents.


Built in fast = N/C.

I got out for another ride - hooray!

It's worth getting out just to see the Sego Lilies rockin' it.

A very nice Penstemmon.

Old bikes re-purposed.

Yours truly in work mode with Jeffery's bike.

An old momento from my 20yrs of endurance racing - 8th overall.

Blanketflowers in the yard............

.......along with wild oregano - Monarda.

.......and cutleaf conflowers.

That's it for now - Tom's bike already in the works and Jason M. and M-beth H. up next. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

-29er touring bikes ROCK!

-That is one sexy blue bike.

-Ballsy drop man!

-The flower pics are awesome as always!


Pablo said...

Alisha needs some tassels.

El Scorcho said...

3rd place in the Cream Puff?? I would wear that thing around my neck like an 80's rap star.