Sunday, July 31, 2011

Long overdue blog post - a busy summer.

MB picked up his new Coconino full build - man, it came out quite nice. Great color scheme and the first bike out of here with Paragon "rocker" dropouts - I have to admit, they work very smoothly and I like the fully raw stainless steel dropout.
This should be a bike with all the attributes of a 29er but the (near) flickability of a 26" MTB. Cody approved!

Tom C's bike at the get-go. Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, very busy & something has to lose out, in this case the WWW.

Fast forward & we have a fully tacked bike minus the seat stays, which go on today. This is a bike for twisty Michigan singletrack & endurance racing, TC's second Coconino.

That's a busy shop for one guy.

Blue bike during the build. Paul hubs, Stan's rims, Fox fork........

Chasing everything on John G's frame.

Smooth shot........I skip the macro views largely, thinking the overall flow & ride quality trumps the macro, although this is directly in conflict with the fact that I cannot hardly let go of one until I've polished it for a very long time.

John's parts pile is growing starting with these handbuilt wheels. DT-Swiss double eyeletted rims with dependable, serviceable XT hubs & Schwalbe big apple tires.

Getting out biking - yay! Good for your body, good for your soul.

The halls - great kids!

Sneeze weed is going off!

Dayflower or haresbells?

Going south?

Or going north?

Storms rolling in - by the end of our ride I was pummeled by 1/4" hailstones which coated the ground 1" deep and I was covered with ice. The trail was flowing like a river of tiny iceballs with lightning and pounding rain - actual epicness - I had to go to my inner "happy place" for awhile....

Sweet. Damn sweet.

These small wasps really like sego lilies.

As good as singletrack gets. Hell yeah. Almost four hours of this yesterday.


This butterfly really liked D.

a few days ago I also got in another 3.5hr ride with Annie & D. Thanks for going on rides with me, friends!

The Peaks with the Schultz burn from last year on the right side.

That's it for now, all. Thanks for reading! Just enjoying the forest & building bikes as of late.

Finishing TC's frame, assembling JG's, the MBH's townie, JM"s 29er frame, JA in VA, Doug H, Chris P here in Flag, ect. out to June 2012 for currently placed orders - Steve.


Anonymous said...

the "Smooth Shot..." attention to detail is why I keep coming back. Great work, Steve. TC in Michigan.

Mimbres Man said...

Killer post Steve! Love the bikes. The green one turned out super nice. The blue one is super sweet as well. Nice ride shots as well. I ride for the same reasons...