Friday, July 15, 2011

Jeffery's bike ready to ship, Mike's at paint, John's moving right along, 1st bike ride in over five weeks.

Chocolate dreamcycle!

Full booty shot with "J-Lo" stays.

Speedy! 1x9 drive train, matching King components, Brooks leather finery.

Shop Guy Gullo giving phone. This shows how big of a bike it is, that's a whole uncut steerer tube. I'll flip the bars to relaxed position from speedy scorcher position.

John G's frameset at conception.

John's fork coming along just ducky. Tom C's 29er to follow immediately.

A Sego lily with fresh raindrops. F'ing-A I missed the woods over the last five weeks.
My Soul was hurting......

Penstemmon Barbatus just popping.


The Columbines were resplendent!

I wish every day was just like THIS.

Over 1/2 of my ride was in the rain. It was great. Nobody out at all, just one buck in velvet & a bunch of birds.

three wheel drifting sunset. This is so fun!

Green + AZ = GOOD.

Seeya at the bottom....

More Columbines! A very yellow one, here.

D. with flowers.

There is nectar in the ends of the tubes - pollinators like hummingbirds & moths stick their proboscis into the tubes, pollinating the flower.

Just a quick check in - busy just building, enjoying the summer and trying to get in some riding. - Steve.


Silk Hope said...

That Chocolate Dream is just "Bob Bitch'in"

Pablo said...

What are you using to keep that chain on up front? Paul's?

Smilin-buddha said...

Great looking bike