Saturday, June 25, 2011


What: Coconino Cycles Family Reunion.
Where: Ft. Tuthill County Park, Immediately south of Flagstaff, AZ
When: Sept 10th, 2011 - 9-10-11 / noon till 8PM.

Bring your Coconino, get in free. No Coconino? Admission = the purchase of a Coconino T-shirt. { price = TBD} I would like to get a retrospective bicycle linage photo. These will be the only t-shirt sales for the year!!
There will likely be skidding contests, horseshoes, ect. There are trails in the immediate area. There will be bands & beverages. Potluck & BYOB to bolster supplies highly encouraged, esp. any Kid's drinks. We will not be supplying food but fire weather conditions allowing we will bring a grill for general use. Any picnicking / BBQ additions greatly welcome & appreciated.
Camping is available onsite, contact Ft Tuthill for reservations.
H20 and electricity on site, an easy ride from town, PLEASE ride you bike if at all possible, PLEASE. NO DOGS - repeat: NO DOGS. We will not bring ours, don't bring yours - too much Mayhem when combined with food & kids - someone always gets bit.

Let me know if you have any questions, maybe we'll see you there, a fine time shall be had! - Steve.


troy said...

This sounds really fun. Sept 10th right? Your "when" says sept 9... I got two Coconino's, so if someone wants a sweet ride for the afternoon, and free admission then look me up. Troy

Kristina said...

Well, if it's now official, I better work on getting the day off.

Cyclebound said...

"Special shirts" or regular shirts?
I am already looking forward to it.

Japhy rider said...

dude, we're there. i'll bring some some home brewed "dad juice" for the big kids and some apple juice for the grommets.

steve garro said...

How about "the only shirts" - only shirts until maybe next Sept - maybe ever.......
- Garro.

Cyclebound said...

If that's the case I will ride my bike and buy a shirt (or two).