Friday, June 10, 2011

mid June update / Progress on Jeffery's bike / A couple new Items.

Here are the seat stays for Jeffery's bike, I just made them here.
Check out my new Victor 1-W-1!! How exciting!
I had to stop short of brazing today, my back is killing me - I'll braze the entire frame tomorrow & start on the fork as well, my front dropouts finally showed.

Shhhhwiiinnggg! all bent up just like that. JK wanted curves, and these ones look straight up J-Lo.

Installed & set up to check the dropouts. Parallel.


Brazed up in the morning.

A couple new offerings from Paragon - oversized headtube stock for tapered steerers - a beautiful piece of machining and a $40.00 option, and stainless steel "rocker" dropouts for single speed use. They work pretty slick & add $175.00 to base frame price.

He looks harmless for an arms dealer, doesn't He?

That's just a quick update to you all because this is the most efficient use of my time I can currently come up with while flat on my back. The day after the day after i go off road handcycling seems to usually leave me fairly beat up! Back at it manana - Steve.

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