Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jeffery's project / Forced office day / stuff & things.

Jeffery's frame all polished out - only braze ons and it's done. The fork is coming right along and it should all go to paint early next week. Today I have to do a stack of paperwork, sales taxes and begin to collect JK's eclectic parts selection. I picture this as a fine "gentleman's cycle" like the Raleigh three speed of yore but much updated with disc brakes, a 1 x 9 drivetrain and a big dose of beauty, form & function. Sweet.

The seat tube junction fresh from being de-fluxed. Pretty smooth!

........But, not smooth enough! Toil, toil with the little files & 80 grit emery paper......

Final polish shots. Smoooooth.

Finished ST junction.

My old Yo-Eddy! stopped by, I gold it to Gullo several years ago - I rode the shit out of this bike.

I got this pic of Pablo with his full-on game face - get your shred on! That's a high mileage Coconino, there.

I got this couple of pics from Troy of his 7yr old Coconino in action - going strong! Up.......

........and over........

A cool visual from Mickey at Spooky Cycles - Thanks, Man!

That's it for now, folks - BUSY, BUSY - new orders coming in steadily & cool bikes going out. Ordering JK's stuff largely today & doing office stuff. Thanks, all! - Steve.

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