Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeffery's off to paint / Turn & burn - Mike's 29er / some flowers in the garden.

Done deal - off for paint. All the parts are rolling in & I'm waiting for the King parts to do a color match.

Booty shot.

Fork building - checking the tips.

Checking all the aspects of "straight"

And, off to Mike's bike before the flux on the other is even done dissolving.

I already have parts in the jig.........

Some beautiful Rocky Mountain Columbines in our flower gardens here in Flag.

and here with Primroses, we have thousands of primroses of a couple varieties, all freebies from nature. It's really cool to watch them open at dusk & then wilt in the morning every day.

These gardens were only planted last year!

Penstemmon Strictus.

Wild Geranium. "patas de leon"

Wild Oregano {just wait until these pop!} Columbine, Cutleaf Coneflower.

Golden Columbine.

Just a quick update, All! - Steve.

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