Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Jefffery / Mike / out of here until the 10th / full build queue

Jeffery's bike off to paint - maybe back today!

some very nice brazing!

Ditto - nice to nail the tight spots.

Mike's 29er currently being filed.

non-drive side booty shot.......


Just a quick update - mighty busy trying to get work done to attend D's family ruinion in WI. I'll be gone from 7/1 to 7/10.

FULL BUILD QUEUE - I build them as fast as I can while retaining the highest standars of fit, alignment & finish quility. Here's everybody: John G, Tom C, Jason M, M-Beth H, John A, Doug H, Chris P, Justin F, Greg B, Hunter S, Mark W, Jim R, Beth R, CWN, Brett M, Chris N, Nate C, Melissa F, Stuart L, Noah C, Denise Garro, Michael L, Nick K. - See you in July! - Steve.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


What: Coconino Cycles Family Reunion.
Where: Ft. Tuthill County Park, Immediately south of Flagstaff, AZ
When: Sept 10th, 2011 - 9-10-11 / noon till 8PM.

Bring your Coconino, get in free. No Coconino? Admission = the purchase of a Coconino T-shirt. { price = TBD} I would like to get a retrospective bicycle linage photo. These will be the only t-shirt sales for the year!!
There will likely be skidding contests, horseshoes, ect. There are trails in the immediate area. There will be bands & beverages. Potluck & BYOB to bolster supplies highly encouraged, esp. any Kid's drinks. We will not be supplying food but fire weather conditions allowing we will bring a grill for general use. Any picnicking / BBQ additions greatly welcome & appreciated.
Camping is available onsite, contact Ft Tuthill for reservations.
H20 and electricity on site, an easy ride from town, PLEASE ride you bike if at all possible, PLEASE. NO DOGS - repeat: NO DOGS. We will not bring ours, don't bring yours - too much Mayhem when combined with food & kids - someone always gets bit.

Let me know if you have any questions, maybe we'll see you there, a fine time shall be had! - Steve.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jeffery's off to paint / Turn & burn - Mike's 29er / some flowers in the garden.

Done deal - off for paint. All the parts are rolling in & I'm waiting for the King parts to do a color match.

Booty shot.

Fork building - checking the tips.

Checking all the aspects of "straight"

And, off to Mike's bike before the flux on the other is even done dissolving.

I already have parts in the jig.........

Some beautiful Rocky Mountain Columbines in our flower gardens here in Flag.

and here with Primroses, we have thousands of primroses of a couple varieties, all freebies from nature. It's really cool to watch them open at dusk & then wilt in the morning every day.

These gardens were only planted last year!

Penstemmon Strictus.

Wild Geranium. "patas de leon"

Wild Oregano {just wait until these pop!} Columbine, Cutleaf Coneflower.

Golden Columbine.

Just a quick update, All! - Steve.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jeffery's project / Forced office day / stuff & things.

Jeffery's frame all polished out - only braze ons and it's done. The fork is coming right along and it should all go to paint early next week. Today I have to do a stack of paperwork, sales taxes and begin to collect JK's eclectic parts selection. I picture this as a fine "gentleman's cycle" like the Raleigh three speed of yore but much updated with disc brakes, a 1 x 9 drivetrain and a big dose of beauty, form & function. Sweet.

The seat tube junction fresh from being de-fluxed. Pretty smooth!

........But, not smooth enough! Toil, toil with the little files & 80 grit emery paper......

Final polish shots. Smoooooth.

Finished ST junction.

My old Yo-Eddy! stopped by, I gold it to Gullo several years ago - I rode the shit out of this bike.

I got this pic of Pablo with his full-on game face - get your shred on! That's a high mileage Coconino, there.

I got this couple of pics from Troy of his 7yr old Coconino in action - going strong! Up.......

........and over........

A cool visual from Mickey at Spooky Cycles - Thanks, Man!

That's it for now, folks - BUSY, BUSY - new orders coming in steadily & cool bikes going out. Ordering JK's stuff largely today & doing office stuff. Thanks, all! - Steve.

Friday, June 10, 2011

mid June update / Progress on Jeffery's bike / A couple new Items.

Here are the seat stays for Jeffery's bike, I just made them here.
Check out my new Victor 1-W-1!! How exciting!
I had to stop short of brazing today, my back is killing me - I'll braze the entire frame tomorrow & start on the fork as well, my front dropouts finally showed.

Shhhhwiiinnggg! all bent up just like that. JK wanted curves, and these ones look straight up J-Lo.

Installed & set up to check the dropouts. Parallel.


Brazed up in the morning.

A couple new offerings from Paragon - oversized headtube stock for tapered steerers - a beautiful piece of machining and a $40.00 option, and stainless steel "rocker" dropouts for single speed use. They work pretty slick & add $175.00 to base frame price.

He looks harmless for an arms dealer, doesn't He?

That's just a quick update to you all because this is the most efficient use of my time I can currently come up with while flat on my back. The day after the day after i go off road handcycling seems to usually leave me fairly beat up! Back at it manana - Steve.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

June 2011 - Jeffery's project, getting out in the woods.

Here is the beginning of Jeffery's project - this will be a whole bike of beautifully eclectic parts modeled along the lines of the "Stuart" project a few bikes ago - fillet frame, lugged disc fork, 700c.

Making sure the "spine" is straight.

And on to chain stays - I missed some photos in my build sequence as I feel very behind after emergency surgery in March & ripping off two fingernails on separate hands - I hope I got my "three" out of the way now - I don't want to get a rep as a "slacker framebuilder."

Super fast forward to checking the main triangle / chain stay alignment. A really damn straight frame. I have to build the fork too, and am waiting for the dropouts. This is going much faster then the "Stuart" as now I have the parts sussed up for this kind of bike - a durable yet light 700c disc bike with style.

Ready for seat stay day - today - they are all fab'ed up but I have to "S-bend" them and get them on the bike.

Checking clearances - nice. I was catching flak for always having a trash can or a garbage bag in my shop pics but I recycle everything that comes through the doors - very little gets thrown in the trash.

Allan stopped by with his full-on touring bike I built. We looked at the serial # and I was surprised to find I have built over 100 bikes since this one, #148.

I am building a bike with a buddy in his & my spare time and he is building a lugged frame. I don't ever do this {only twice did I make lugged frames & I threw one away & gave the other one away} but I thought this came out very well! The front triangle came out nuts-on straight.

Still life with shadow.

It's dusty enough in the woods now that I have largely eschewed riding on trails & am riding on animal routes in the peaks. I climbed for three hours & descended for one.

Pretty rough throughout, but not dusty! The dust slays me at this height.

The Iris are finally blooming - a month late. It's been in the 30's*F here at night in June.

A sucky combo of wind/cold/drought/fire.

Prairie Smoke.

More Iris.

You know you are at altitude when you see Bristlecone Pines.

That's it for now, all - Alisha's bike went out & came back a stunning blue & I will have pics of it soon.

I have to throw out a huge "THANK YOU" to all the new orders I have been receiving as of late, and an equally huge one to all those who have bikes on order for your continued patience - I think I have almost dug myself out of the hole created by being not at all well in March.

Up next is wading through Jeffery's project, then: Mike Browne in the hotseat, Tom Crimp, John Gillece, Nick K, Jason M, M-Beth, John A, Doug H, Chris P, Justin F - ect, ect..... - Steve.