Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 2011 - It's a wrap!

Alisha's bike was cooking right along..........

And is in polishing stage right now...........

..........But got sidelined for a day by shoving a tube under my finger, so sorrry for the lack of build sequence shots!

Stuart got his ride all built in VA! Sweeeeeet!

And Christie's bike rolled out - detail / sunshine & detail pics following >>>

Set up for facing & chasing............

I really, really dig this bike allot!

Smoooooooth seat cluster!

Simple, effective, strong disc mounting.

Happy Owner!!!

And I got out for a grovel with Kris, West & D. I miss my old cycling friends!

My preferred type of trail - low use.

Check out D's melons!

After hours with Girl-O and Brian W.

......And got in a day canoeing on the VR with the boys......

A nice little Largemouth.

Very Warped with a proud Roundtail Chub - a native fish to AZ.

Petito! Where did you go, Petito?

Matt & Shredder took a dip & gave the mighty V some booty.

Jimmy Gaun took on some agua.....

Out our back door in Camp Verde.

That's it for now - busy, busy!!!

After Alisha's bike we have - Jeffery's bike, Mike B, Tom C, John G, Nick K, Jason M, M-Beth, John A, Doug H, Chris P, Justin F, Greg B, Hunter S, Mark W, Jim R, Beth R, CWN, Brett M, Chris N, Nate C, Melissa F, Stuart - I think that's the queue right now todo - Steve.

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