Friday, May 06, 2011

Long time no post / tons of things going on / here's some pics for ya.

Most of the raw materials all lined up for Christie's 26" wheeled MTB. A sweet "Sano" bike, horizontal Paul dropouts with a disc hanger. The super long tube in the picture is raw head tube stock.

All drawn up. Lo-tech, sure.......but - very, very accurate.


Ready for front triangle inspection. Six tubes of Made in the USA lovin'.

All tacked up & ready for seat stay day {today} - it's De La Cratic....

I am healed up enough from surgery to go have some fun in the great outdoors!

We live in a special place, all the outdoor pics to follow are less then 50mi span from each other & right by our houses. Here is a Soap Yucca putting out it's asparagus like sword which will bloom shortly.

Sego Lilies!

Many parts were quite rubble-y.

P. Pseudespectabilius. getting ready to pop.


Just opened & ready for business.

???????? - lots of little yellow flowers in AZ.

Again - ??????. Very pretty.

Some species of Daisy/Aster.

You have to pedal up millions of rocks to get to here.

Steep, too. No shade, either.

Now that's a great Sego. Less purple then the ones up here on the plateau.

Paintbrush - just coming out.

Ripping! Most excellent conditions on the mountain with snow only on the most north facing gullies.

Looking pretty bare up there.

First tracks.

My kind of trail. I keep to the local routes allot.

Four of us went fishing on the Mighty Verde & we just slayed it. A nice 14" LM bass here. It's fins are haggard from fighting & building spawning beds. All fish went home this day.

Post spawn they will not be so lucky as they are delicious.

A native roundtail chub - look at that tail - that's a powerful fish. they hit hard on lures & fight hard. We always release native species. This male is spawning, too - hence the orange colors to impress the ladies. We caught some of the ladies who were so full of eggs they looked like footballs - Forza, Chubs!

Immediate breakage upon launch fix with supplies I had along - zipties, medical tape & two boot laces holding on a 1" green willow branch found on site. Bomber!

The Gaun Bros. Jim & Joe floatin' towards Pine Mtn in the background. We are lucky beyond belief to have a designated Wild & Scenic river in our backyard.

Very Warped!

A damn sassy LM going back into the drink. Bass are some bad-ass predators.

I had a little incident.......nothing a Leatherman can't fix.

Girl-O got his toe-sies all burnt up :{

Back at it full steam! I'm here until the 12th & then gone until the 17th for my 43rd B-day, but I'm working every day in the shop until then. More later, thanks for reading, all - Steve.


perryd said...

nice bikes and flowers and trail and fishing pics. I used to cath a lot of fish. Now they avoid me.

Good thing Girllo's italian. That burn probably turned into a tan before he got home.

John Romeo Alpha said...

"Six tubes of Made in the USA lovin'." A nice turn of phrase that will have me thinking about handmade bikes and fishing all day long...

Anonymous said...

the yellow one is senecio multilobatus. I can see the lobes on the basal leaves hence the multilobe name business and the white daisy thing is a blackfoot daisy. great floral porn!