Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picking up the pieces & getting back to life as it is.

Amy's frame set all done! Color = ?????
Starting today is Stuart's "Stuart" - you will have to see it when it's done......

That is nice stuff, there.

I got to go have fun!!! Man - it made me SORE. Happy, but SORE.

Caught some damn nice 'Bows, though.

Purty. Wild trout sure are beautiful.

I love this swirl in the wall.

The red rocks just make you feel good.

D. taking it all in.

Borling in his new Dagger - floatin' high - put some cargo in that thing.

Annie says "Hi" to a fishy buddy & sets it loose.

D. setting one back to grow.

Ranger Mike!

Cody enjoying the river. She's getting very old & lumpy.

Sally is old as dirt but still very happy and needy. I think need keeps her alive!

This is what we left in Flag - return to winter. Quite the overnight dump, but all melted now.

That's it for now, All. working on Stuart's bike, sending out Matt B's wheels, then: Christie D., Alisha, Jeffery K., Mike B., Tom C., John G., Nick K., Jason M., ect, ect. 22 orders out - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Nice post Steve! You're right about the red rocks making you feel good. I've always felt that vibe on the Colorado Plateau.
Nice W.I. crank! I've looked at those thinking about one for the ol'Merlin.
Take care my friend.

Dave. said...

Great photos, how far do you paddle downriver? Do you have a buddy come down and pick your boats up or do you have something waiting for you when you are done. Sure looks like a great place for a paddle.

steve garro said...

Dave - can't go downriver without a permit {GC nat'l park} you paddle upriver...

Cyclebound said...

Glad to see that your surgery was just a minor set back and that you're back doing what you do.

john said...

Ranger Mike; he gave us our safety briefing before our rafting trip a few weeks ago.