Sunday, April 03, 2011

Not only still alive but back to work for real / time off healing with family.

Man! Hanna's bike is SO close to being done, but I had the wrong rear derailleur. "shadow dyna-sys" will not play well with other Shimano shifting components, FYI. What a pretty dirt road bike! Had a little wheel building party "after" work yesterday.......
This was kind of weird. All my stuff was right where I left it when I just seized up with pain on I think the 22nd of March?

When we are gone we leave small holes which close quickly.

The new Paragon Machine Works "Rocker" dropouts are now available for frames.

I like them better then the "Slider" style dropouts for pure disc brake one-speeding as they pivot on set pegs keeping the plates in phase with each other throughout their throw, which is right around 3/4" {1.7cm} do not affect bottom bracket drop or frame geometry, are 17-4 stainless steel, Come with a titanium bolt kit, mount the discs on the chain stays avoiding the need for a brace between the stays, and add + $175.00 to the base price of a frame.

Any other questions?

Thankfully I had some time off planned which coincided with D's Sister M. & hubby G. coming to visit, which helped out Me & D. hugely after my surgery. Thanks, guys!

Alligator Juniper - one of my favourite trees.

G. & I doing some quality farm pond bluegill fishin'

Giving a new meaning to "open house" - M. & I went on a field trip to Jerome, AZ. Good fun!

See the peaks in the background?

Check out this HUGE camera!!!! anyone have an idea on the history of something like this? It's damn near 6' tall........

Good stuff! plastic water bottles don't worry me.

I love old American "made in/by" stamps/signs/castings.

Jerome is full of cool art and stuff. old cast & forged drill bits, chain, grappling hooks, pulleys - love these things.
where to start? Functioning traffic light, even.

Typical sidewalk. I want to bring my one-off here & scare people.

I did go all the way up the streets {which are switchbacks} and ripped all the way back down - here I'm switchbacking trying to scrub speed. I should have brought gloves........

"pitch a penny" Jerome style.

We went wine tasting at the winery owned by Maynard of the band "Tool" - good stuff & grown in the Verde Vally & near Elgin, AZ.

Yep. just fakin' the cripple thing - busted!

I saw this beautiful moth - at least 5" wide. Stunning. I like the combo of grey & maroon.

Ditto on this igneous rock face.

We have flood irrigation rights at out Verde house - it's really cool, yet kind of weird and unsettling - "we're flooding!" All of our little fruit trees {over 40} are all leafing out and starting to bloom.

Well, that's it - back at work, slow but surely. Thanks for your patience, all. This setback will surely well, setback my delivery dates for just about everything.
Sorry, really! It agonises me, ask one of my friends telling me to chill out & relax.

I do offer refunds on the $200.00 deposits on my frames, if it comes to that for someone. I hope not, but sometimes it does. Thanks again, time for breakfast & off to work - I'm glad to be able to say that. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

That moth!!! Holy crap!!! And that camera is pretty cool. Did you see any old printing presses in Jereome? I remember an old letterpress sitting in a window but that was about 20+ years ago. Can't remember the make. There was a larger letterpress sitting towards the back of one of those trinket shops as well.

Also, I agree with the one-off in Jerome.

J. Alsvig

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the time-line man, people will understand. If they don't, they are not worthy anyway! Looks like some quality recovery time. Love the moth pic!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I believe that's a projector, rather than a camera. The part on the back is the massive light. Carbon arc maybe?

Hanna said...

All in all, top to bottom, my favorite post so far.


Scot said...

Thanks for the pics of Jerome; I miss all that rusted steel, narro alleys, stone cobbled switchbacks.