Sunday, April 24, 2011

"The more wonderful then you can believe it!"

I'll get some better pics in the sun to try and do this color justice - I'm so busy that this early in the morning is all the time I have to update you guys. When I get all the following projects all tied up better pics I promise......Anyway, this frame going out to Ed in VA tomorrow.

Frame prep on Amy's bike. a "dirt roadster / light tour / all rounder"

These spigots came out nice. Action shot!

I'll get this one out in the sun after it's all fitted up for her.

Stuart's seat stays.


All brazed & hanging out to dry. Filing to begin tomorrow.

An African Violet.

We met D.'s Sis & family up on the AZ strip for a few days.

The pink prickly pears are blooming, the yellow ones follow behind by a few weeks.

15yr old dog + 40mph winds.

D. kicked my ass fishing! Man, I kinda sucked!

I was not skunked, however..........

My darling nieces - growing up so fast!

N. & D. - sisters, ya think?


Sorry for the quick post, but just super busy. Lots of projects! - Steve.


Easton Heights Blogger said...

you cracked me up with that 'the more wonderful' title! I remember all the Taiwanese ads in the bicycle trade magazines were written like that in the late 80s-early 90's.

DMC said...

Looks like fun and the family looks well can't wait to get the girls together again,,,
Bummer I missed you but it will be warm,,,,and july soon..