Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a quick update on Stuart's bike.

Stuart's frame coming right along, fork done & in the background. disc brakes with up to at least 40mm tires, maybe 45's with no fenders, plus a 50/39 chainring set-up pictured. It will have dropbars and largely road components but White Industries MTB disc hubs. This would be a fine bike to ride around the world or down to the store. Just about nuts on at 1st check. Just a minor adjustment........
A bunch of tubing from True Temper - made in the USA! Coconino frames are made from as many USA constructed components as possible.

'member that time I couldn't 'member, 'member?

Out of here to meet some family up at the ferry for a few days but back in the office on Tues.

See you then! - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet bike! Stuart will be a happy is your endurance in the shop after the surgery?

steve garro said...

Just finally feeling well, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up on the Watt/fIREHOSE reference.