Monday, April 25, 2011

better pictures as promised.

Amy picked up her new bike - stoked! It sure came out slick, D. said she would gladly take it no problem. Fits her, too.

A whole bunch of pics of Ed's frame to follow.........a stunning cobalt blue.


Facing & chasing. Shipped off to you today!

I am very proud of the finish work on this unit.

My handmade seat tube lug supports the rider with confidence and longevity.


Nice touch!

And lastly, a drive-by smiling from Creamy!

Just checking in, spending the day polishing on Stuart's frame - have a great day - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

The blue bike is awesome. Beautiful lines and I like the 50s Corvette-like accent on the DT.

Ted.Martinez said...

what is Creamy riding?

Anonymous said...

Steve beautiful work as always. I like that blue bike - is that a new coconino sticker? Look really neat. Can't wait to fish with you!

Dave said...

The "streetish" yellow bike is really an understated show of awesomeness. Very nice job on that one.

Wisconsin Dave

steve garro said...

Thanks, guys! Yep, Dave, a "mechanic's bike" for sure. Just nice and sound.