Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Amy's bike finally coming together.

Well, I started this project before I had surgery & I have to say that it's going to be great to put all the projects I did start previously to that behind me.
.....Checking it out with the matching fork. Lookin' good!

a swanky little oval brace all fitted up & checked for clearance. Gobs of room with a fat 32.

Not bad for the 1st braze after two weeks.

That will polish up just fine, too.

Pretty much nailed that one on the right.

Just a whole bunch of polishing & a handful of braze ons, paint & assembly.

Arm pump! Boy, I lost weight with my whole gallbladder ordeal. I'm pretty sick of feeling weird but it is abating as my body grows accustomed to one less organ.
Hopefully I will get to go kayaking on Sun/Mon but I am waiting until my abdomen heals to go cranking on it with the hand cycle, as this could lead to a hernia, which I most surely do not need to happen....... - Garro.


perryd said...

Of course, as soon as I saw the arm picture, I took a quick look at my calf. Diagnosis: My calf is still SMALLER than your arm. You're a beast.

Japhy rider said...

one less organ! you're quite an adaptable fellow, Steve.

outstanding framework.