Monday, April 25, 2011

better pictures as promised.

Amy picked up her new bike - stoked! It sure came out slick, D. said she would gladly take it no problem. Fits her, too.

A whole bunch of pics of Ed's frame to follow.........a stunning cobalt blue.


Facing & chasing. Shipped off to you today!

I am very proud of the finish work on this unit.

My handmade seat tube lug supports the rider with confidence and longevity.


Nice touch!

And lastly, a drive-by smiling from Creamy!

Just checking in, spending the day polishing on Stuart's frame - have a great day - Steve.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"The more wonderful then you can believe it!"

I'll get some better pics in the sun to try and do this color justice - I'm so busy that this early in the morning is all the time I have to update you guys. When I get all the following projects all tied up better pics I promise......Anyway, this frame going out to Ed in VA tomorrow.

Frame prep on Amy's bike. a "dirt roadster / light tour / all rounder"

These spigots came out nice. Action shot!

I'll get this one out in the sun after it's all fitted up for her.

Stuart's seat stays.


All brazed & hanging out to dry. Filing to begin tomorrow.

An African Violet.

We met D.'s Sis & family up on the AZ strip for a few days.

The pink prickly pears are blooming, the yellow ones follow behind by a few weeks.

15yr old dog + 40mph winds.

D. kicked my ass fishing! Man, I kinda sucked!

I was not skunked, however..........

My darling nieces - growing up so fast!

N. & D. - sisters, ya think?


Sorry for the quick post, but just super busy. Lots of projects! - Steve.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Just a quick update on Stuart's bike.

Stuart's frame coming right along, fork done & in the background. disc brakes with up to at least 40mm tires, maybe 45's with no fenders, plus a 50/39 chainring set-up pictured. It will have dropbars and largely road components but White Industries MTB disc hubs. This would be a fine bike to ride around the world or down to the store. Just about nuts on at 1st check. Just a minor adjustment........
A bunch of tubing from True Temper - made in the USA! Coconino frames are made from as many USA constructed components as possible.

'member that time I couldn't 'member, 'member?

Out of here to meet some family up at the ferry for a few days but back in the office on Tues.

See you then! - Steve.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Picking up the pieces & getting back to life as it is.

Amy's frame set all done! Color = ?????
Starting today is Stuart's "Stuart" - you will have to see it when it's done......

That is nice stuff, there.

I got to go have fun!!! Man - it made me SORE. Happy, but SORE.

Caught some damn nice 'Bows, though.

Purty. Wild trout sure are beautiful.

I love this swirl in the wall.

The red rocks just make you feel good.

D. taking it all in.

Borling in his new Dagger - floatin' high - put some cargo in that thing.

Annie says "Hi" to a fishy buddy & sets it loose.

D. setting one back to grow.

Ranger Mike!

Cody enjoying the river. She's getting very old & lumpy.

Sally is old as dirt but still very happy and needy. I think need keeps her alive!

This is what we left in Flag - return to winter. Quite the overnight dump, but all melted now.

That's it for now, All. working on Stuart's bike, sending out Matt B's wheels, then: Christie D., Alisha, Jeffery K., Mike B., Tom C., John G., Nick K., Jason M., ect, ect. 22 orders out - Steve.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Amy's bike finally coming together.

Well, I started this project before I had surgery & I have to say that it's going to be great to put all the projects I did start previously to that behind me.
.....Checking it out with the matching fork. Lookin' good!

a swanky little oval brace all fitted up & checked for clearance. Gobs of room with a fat 32.

Not bad for the 1st braze after two weeks.

That will polish up just fine, too.

Pretty much nailed that one on the right.

Just a whole bunch of polishing & a handful of braze ons, paint & assembly.

Arm pump! Boy, I lost weight with my whole gallbladder ordeal. I'm pretty sick of feeling weird but it is abating as my body grows accustomed to one less organ.
Hopefully I will get to go kayaking on Sun/Mon but I am waiting until my abdomen heals to go cranking on it with the hand cycle, as this could lead to a hernia, which I most surely do not need to happen....... - Garro.