Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Just a quick update on the 700c bikes = Hanna, Amy, Stuart + some Verde Valley stuff......

Forks all lined up waiting for bikes. From left to right: Amy, Hanna, Stuart.

Straight off the mill - man, I was knocking out fine miters yesterday.

Checking the seat tube for perfect alignment, no sense on hanging tubes on a crooked spine.

Hanna's front triangle knocked out in the morning light. I also got the chainstays brazed to the dropouts & mitered, but I'm going to do this frame a little different as frame size dictates - more later.......

I got out for a ride! I still liked it! It sure is a far cry from when I used to have dozens of friends to ride with. Still fun, though.

It's onion/garlic planting season in CV. We did not plan on too much vegetable gardening to start with, but the neighbors want you to be in on it, so next thing you know a big hand full of seed onions get handed across the fence.........

There's a juvenile Bald Eagle on the fence.

Here is the mama one next door, this couple has chicks every year and have a nest over 8' wide by the river. The AZ fish & game tag the chicks soon, if we are down there we can check them out.

Stormy! while it was 70*F here, 40mi. away in Flagstaff it's snowing & blizzard conditions.

well, there you go - just checking in. Powering down on Hanna's frame today, like I said, I'm doing it a little differently. Then Amy's bike. I have the parts quote pretty much done, I have to get that to you as soon as I get my head above water on this project.
Thanks to all my clients on your Patience, much appreciated. Working hard!
Also, thanks to the new clients who just signed up in the past couple weeks - Thanks!
LASTLY - and, this is a big one. - PRICES WILL BE GOING UP SOON. By the end of march, for sure. Shipping, raw materials - it's all going up for me, so it's reflected in the base price of frames. SO: to get in on the $1650.00 base price drop me a line. - Steve.


Anonymous said...

My bike looks beautiful already! It will definitely be worth the wait.

Mr. Frack said...

Watch those big birds. They think small dogs and for sure cats are on the menu. They sure are cool though.