Friday, March 04, 2011


I just got three forks done, Including this one for Stuart, which is a few builds out, but it's easier to do these in batches even though they were all different. I also made one for Amy P., but somehow did not get a picture of it?

This one is for Hanna.

The disc fork fits a 650B x 2.35 with *maybe* 1mm on each side, but is designed for a 700c.

Lug edges.....
Checking out the Paul brakes.

These are called "spigots"

nice window.

It done snowed a bit!

The neighbors block the driveway & honk!

Who knew?

well, I'm going to try and actually go for a bike ride tomorrow, and then back on Mon. to start hanna's frame now that I'm out of fork-landia. - Steve.

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