Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emergency surgery first thing tomorrow.

Guess I need my gallbladder out. The pain has been intense, and they say I have no recourse as my gallbladder is completely full of 3mm - 5mm stones and is clogged.

My liver enzymes were 16x normal, and my eyes are starting to turn yellow.

I'll be back in a couple days at least, and I can only guess that this will add time to my queue as well........I have absolutely no recourse. I even asked if I could finish the frame I was working on.

NO WAY. This whole ball just started rolling this morning, but I have felt bad and not eaten much for around four days.

I'll be down for 5-10 days they say, I'll let you know what is up in a few days, as I can only guess tomorrow will be not so fun. Here's to better days! they say I will feel much better - Steve.


Anonymous said...

Good luck, my gf and a good friend of mine had theirs removed and they feel alot better now!

Good Luck

Mimbres Man said...

Good luck Steve. Really saying a prayer for you tonight.

scarkinsmel said...

My dad had the same surgery, he was back to normal a few days later. Good luck in surgery and you will feel a lot better in a few days. Ed

johncoe said...

sorry to read about this turn of events, steve. i hope all goes well tomorrow, and that your recovery goes quickly, too. be well.

Dave said...

Hope the surgery goes well for you Steve, all the best to you. I look forward to reading your blog/adventures and getting inspired to get my butt in gear and get out riding.

AzTa said...

Good luck I hope all goes well!


Anonymous said...

Hang tough, Steve! This is a ride in the park for you! We are all pulling for your quick return to fun and framebuilding! All the best!

Winter Bicycles said...

Good luck, Steve!

Heal and rest up.

mhandsco said...

Sending good vibes your way.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. Be well.

Hanna said...

Stinks getting old, at least that's
what all my old patients tell me and
now I'm starting to believe them. Routine is the word I think of when I think of gallbladder surgery. It must really need to be out if you're looking like Yellowman. A speedy recovery to you.


Easton Heights Blogger said...

you'll be alright, I had mine out about 10yrs ago, they blow up your gut and suck it out w/ a tube. you'll have 4 little incision scars left over.
you might have to change your diet afterwards; I take some vitamin supplements to keep me regular.

borderlander said...

F&ck that gall bladder! Nothing but trouble.
Hope your recovery is quick and complete.

borderlander said...

F&ck that gall bladder! Nothing but trouble.
Hope your recovery is quick and complete.

perryd said...

Your Gall bladder will soon learn the consequences of messing with you and get kicked out of the game. Total suck, though. Hope you feel right good once that thing is in a jar somewhere.

Bill Bryant said...

Hang tough, Steve. If anyone can handle it, it is you.
Best wishes,
Bill Bryant

Adam said...

Good luck Steve!
- Adam from Dirt Rag

Erraticus said...

no worries garro, you'll be right in no time. you're a proven survivor. you have helped me in my battle, and i thank you. get better and back at it , i'm in your corner!!!!

Tarik Saleh said...

Good luck and may it go smooth. My wife had hers out and it was really a fast recovery, apparently it is one of the most common surgeries in the US and even our small town in NM has a Dr who does one or two a day. So get it done, get better and get back on it.

Slugfarm said...

I knew you had a lot of gall Steve, but this is going too far. Seriously, though. I hope the surgery went well and I'll be sending some big old beams of light your way this week for sure!

Anonymous said...

All the best fella, keep strong and rest up properly. Looking forward to seeing lots more curvy tubed creativness once you've recovered.

Pete aka Woodsman - England