Monday, March 21, 2011

Amy's bike off & running + a day out before the storm.

Amy's frame at the get-go along with her finished fork. "still life with metal shavings" as one builder said.

Paragon dropout under tight watch. I've had these dropouts for a long time waiting for just this project. Brass soldier by Borgie.

I got this picture out of sequence but it is the result of the two following pictures.

Boom - 90*

Bam - 61.5*

chainstays all fixtured up for brazing.

Front triangle all tacked up & checked for alignment. One straight frame.

Fork & dropout detail.

Hand filed spearpoint ready for brazing. Sharp.

Good clearance with fat 32c tires.

Looks like seat stay day tomorrow..........

We snuck out for a quick one day fishing trip before today - it's freakin' snowing today! Dan B. came along & that is him down in the right corner in the yellow boat........

Not a bad rainbow - fishing was pretty damn good for spring conditions - wind, super high water and impending snow - but damn glad we went. There's three thermal layers on under that splash jacket.

Very Warped.

A nice size for the pan!

That's it for the 20th of march. Busy, busy! {I know I always say that, but I am}
Back at Amy's frame tomorrow, Then Stuart's 700c, Christie & Alisha's 26" bikes and Jeffery K's bike. More as soon as I have something to show - Steve.

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