Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back Home / out of here until 4/1 healing up.

Back at home, really tired. They removed my gallbladder, it was making me really sick but I just got the green light on my blood work that I am doing much better.

I have five holes in my abdomen but am not on any pain meds at all and feel quite sore but pretty well all things considered.

Needless to say, I'll be down for a few days, and mostly want to at least get Amy's frame brazed before I have to leave to a family shindig in the Verde Valley, where I will likely file Amy's frame as I recuperate from this vastly unexpected setback.

So: I'm going to TRY to get Hanna's bike built before I leave on the 26th, take Amy's down to file as long as I get better enough to hold up a torch long enough to braze it, and then Stuart, Alisha, Christie & Jeffery are on the immediate radar come 4/1.

Sorry for the build queue delays, but my eyes were turning yellow & they would not let me leave! - Steve

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emergency surgery first thing tomorrow.

Guess I need my gallbladder out. The pain has been intense, and they say I have no recourse as my gallbladder is completely full of 3mm - 5mm stones and is clogged.

My liver enzymes were 16x normal, and my eyes are starting to turn yellow.

I'll be back in a couple days at least, and I can only guess that this will add time to my queue as well........I have absolutely no recourse. I even asked if I could finish the frame I was working on.

NO WAY. This whole ball just started rolling this morning, but I have felt bad and not eaten much for around four days.

I'll be down for 5-10 days they say, I'll let you know what is up in a few days, as I can only guess tomorrow will be not so fun. Here's to better days! they say I will feel much better - Steve.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amy's bike off & running + a day out before the storm.

Amy's frame at the get-go along with her finished fork. "still life with metal shavings" as one builder said.

Paragon dropout under tight watch. I've had these dropouts for a long time waiting for just this project. Brass soldier by Borgie.

I got this picture out of sequence but it is the result of the two following pictures.

Boom - 90*

Bam - 61.5*

chainstays all fixtured up for brazing.

Front triangle all tacked up & checked for alignment. One straight frame.

Fork & dropout detail.

Hand filed spearpoint ready for brazing. Sharp.

Good clearance with fat 32c tires.

Looks like seat stay day tomorrow..........

We snuck out for a quick one day fishing trip before today - it's freakin' snowing today! Dan B. came along & that is him down in the right corner in the yellow boat........

Not a bad rainbow - fishing was pretty damn good for spring conditions - wind, super high water and impending snow - but damn glad we went. There's three thermal layers on under that splash jacket.

Very Warped.

A nice size for the pan!

That's it for the 20th of march. Busy, busy! {I know I always say that, but I am}
Back at Amy's frame tomorrow, Then Stuart's 700c, Christie & Alisha's 26" bikes and Jeffery K's bike. More as soon as I have something to show - Steve.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mid March 2011 / Hanna's frameset winding down, Barry's outta here, Amy next....

I'm finally sending Barry's cruiser out to him in CA, he was going to do a drive by pickup, but things conspired against him & I guess skiing was to good to pass up on - all good, she sure is a looker. I really dig the acid green color.

Booty shot.......

Hanna's frameset winding down. Just braze-ons left. I thought I'd have it wrapped up but I got really wound up on polishing it up really nice.

And one with wheels!

I got out for a ride! woo-hoo! It was tough & it was hot - great stuff.

Hey! - there's an eagle on the fence. A juvenile Bald Eagle. He will have a fully white head & tail maybe this year.

Here is the momma one down the street where her nest is. The river is just down there by the cliffs.......

D. planting onions & Garlic.

Holy time machine!!!! me in Moab, 1988 with "pokey" the Ibis trials bike. That bike hurt more people then any other, easy. Before my time with no seat, too. How about those shorts?

a bike-packing 101 shot from Matty B. they said they shipped your Hadleys, Matt........Just waiting.

Simon Z. throwing down on his 1-speed Coconino at the Cascade Creampuff 100.

A quick check-in for y'all. we are super busy, but getting work steadily done. Office day today with maybe a quick paddle if the wind doesn't start cranking. if it does them maybe I'll go into Flag for the 1st time in maybe 1/2 a year or more?
Next up: Amy, Stuart {both forks done already} then Christie, Alisha, Jeffery, Mike, Tom C., John G., nick, Jason, MB, John A., Douglas H., Chris P., Justin, Greg B., Hunter, Mark W., Jim R., Beth R., CWN. Busy, a good thing! - Steve.

Friday, March 11, 2011

really damn busy...........

Closing shop with old Sally-dog hanging out with me. Damn busy - brazing Hanna's bike today, going for a ride tomorrow {I have gone beyond feeling "out of shape" and now just feeling "very unhealthy"} Hanna's wheels are all laced, the parts are almost all here, Amy's fork & Stuart's fork are done, Amy's components will start trickling in & her frame is next, and then Stuart is up. After the three 700c's is Christie's 26" MTB & then Alisha & Jeffery + more - Steve.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Just a quick update on the 700c bikes = Hanna, Amy, Stuart + some Verde Valley stuff......

Forks all lined up waiting for bikes. From left to right: Amy, Hanna, Stuart.

Straight off the mill - man, I was knocking out fine miters yesterday.

Checking the seat tube for perfect alignment, no sense on hanging tubes on a crooked spine.

Hanna's front triangle knocked out in the morning light. I also got the chainstays brazed to the dropouts & mitered, but I'm going to do this frame a little different as frame size dictates - more later.......

I got out for a ride! I still liked it! It sure is a far cry from when I used to have dozens of friends to ride with. Still fun, though.

It's onion/garlic planting season in CV. We did not plan on too much vegetable gardening to start with, but the neighbors want you to be in on it, so next thing you know a big hand full of seed onions get handed across the fence.........

There's a juvenile Bald Eagle on the fence.

Here is the mama one next door, this couple has chicks every year and have a nest over 8' wide by the river. The AZ fish & game tag the chicks soon, if we are down there we can check them out.

Stormy! while it was 70*F here, 40mi. away in Flagstaff it's snowing & blizzard conditions.

well, there you go - just checking in. Powering down on Hanna's frame today, like I said, I'm doing it a little differently. Then Amy's bike. I have the parts quote pretty much done, I have to get that to you as soon as I get my head above water on this project.
Thanks to all my clients on your Patience, much appreciated. Working hard!
Also, thanks to the new clients who just signed up in the past couple weeks - Thanks!
LASTLY - and, this is a big one. - PRICES WILL BE GOING UP SOON. By the end of march, for sure. Shipping, raw materials - it's all going up for me, so it's reflected in the base price of frames. SO: to get in on the $1650.00 base price drop me a line. - Steve.

Friday, March 04, 2011


I just got three forks done, Including this one for Stuart, which is a few builds out, but it's easier to do these in batches even though they were all different. I also made one for Amy P., but somehow did not get a picture of it?

This one is for Hanna.

The disc fork fits a 650B x 2.35 with *maybe* 1mm on each side, but is designed for a 700c.

Lug edges.....
Checking out the Paul brakes.

These are called "spigots"

nice window.

It done snowed a bit!

The neighbors block the driveway & honk!

Who knew?

well, I'm going to try and actually go for a bike ride tomorrow, and then back on Mon. to start hanna's frame now that I'm out of fork-landia. - Steve.