Friday, February 25, 2011

working right along Ed's frame done, Hanna's off & going.

Ed's frame all wrapped up but for paint. It will go out Mon. Shiny metal - yeah!

Scoping out disc clearances. I like to make sure stuff works.

Polishing away - almost there.....

That there is a mighty stack of work, folks - three 700c frame/fork combos - I have deliberately grouped them together as to be less confusing for me, as they all share spacing, stays, ect.

This is going to be a really cool project - stay tuned on this one.

Hanna's frameset at the get-go.

Checking out the fork & brazing the dropouts on.

"Limpets" from Darrell at Llewellen cycles.

That should do it for awhile.

The mountain looked cool just now.

Hey - just checking in. very busy with metalwork, but with winter setting in again there is going to be plenty of time to get it in. Some really sweet builds coming up, I'll be working on these three frameset for awhile and they are all going to be different - let's see how long these take me. - Steve.

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Anonymous said...

So excited that I'm up! We just got a ton of wet "spring" snow, so it's hard to imagine the roads ever being dry and bare again, but I'll be able to admire my coconino while I'm waiting.