Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lots of pretty metal.

Man - it's seldom this many bikes pile up here, but they should be thinning out rather quick. Meghan's super-bling blue 700c all-rounder takes the front, all the parts on it should show tomorrow - get stoked!

sussing up Kenny's frame pre-braze.

Cleanly brazed in the setting sun, still very hot.

Cooling down & getting ready for an all-nighter in the dunk tank for de-fluxing.

Kenny's frame all de-fluxed............

............and Pete's all done now that I finally got what I needed to complete the rack mounts.

EP rode by his new roadster he built over the last 5 months or so in the shop - nice work!

Well I guess that was hot! I didn't feel it, only smelled it.

Waaaaayyyyy busy here - I will be out of the shop for the most part & away from almost all communication except for the occasional glance at my e-mail from ~ the 26th of this month for two weeks - spring break! get a hold of me before then & I'll get back atcha. - Steve.


Silk Hope said...

The inner Curt Goodrich is coming out of you.

Nice work Steve.

steve garro said...

I'll take the "nice work" part, but i'm not sure about your intent on the first line. Do Tell......