Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kenny's frame done, out of the office until 2-10-11 / current build queue.

Kenny C's frame is all done, and it's a real beauty. Off to get a coat of burnt orange with gold nugget topcoat - ooohhhh yeah.......should ship to TX on the 11th or 12th. Get stoked, KC!

Next, we will be gone to Camp Verde from 1-26 to 2-10. Spring break, and hell yes, I need one. I'm super stoked on upcoming projects but my arm joints need a little rest. I'll hit the ground running on the 11th, and here is the current build queue mas o menos, changes occur & people get shuffled a bit as work flow & availability of parts & raw goods dictate, but it usually goes pretty smooth. I'm a bike or two behind from getting the flu & general life issues like we all have, but nothing tragic. SO: upon returning here we go..........1st - Ed H. {VA} Hanna {VT} Amy {AZ} Christie {AZ} Alisha {AZ} Jeffery K {FL} Mike B {NC} Tom C {MI} John G {AZ} Nick K {CA} Jason M {Left Coast} Marybeth {AZ} John A {??} Chris P {AZ} Justin F {NC} Greg B {CO} Hunter S {NV} Mark W {UT} Jim R {AZ - 3rd bike!} Beth R {AZ} and there you go - Steve.

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