Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kenny C's frame coming along, Meghan's frame at paint, Lots of *stuff* going on.......

Here is Kenny's race-ish 29er off to TX. Dedicated one-speed all the way.......

This is rapidly becoming my one-speed setup of choice. simple, light, quick & QR friendly.

This operation tells me two things: My jig is setup properly & my down tube is cut to correct length/angle.

Clean metalwork is good metalwork.

Front triangle knocked out.

Meghan's all-rounder 700c frame knocked out. gorgeous!

Gleaming & frozen.

Ho-Made stuff: center mount canti spigots, web brace, housing stop. Once again, clean metalwork.

H2O diamonds - pretty & functional - they keep the bolts from tearing out of the thinnest part of the tube. Cleanly silver brazed with zero touch-up.

Serial # stamped, housing guides applied, vent hole drilled, un-filed fillet brazed bottom bracket.

Kenny's miter length.........

Brand-new 5 1/2" jaw Wilton Tradesman vise.

Meghan's raffle prize to benefit Paul Benton being held by.............Paul Benton! He's on his feet - good job, all who helped!

A few of us paddled the Verde River for 4-5 hours on Sun from Black Bridge to Clear Creek - it was killer!

Petito & Smithers.


Bammy & I floating towards the Verde rim. Some great rapids, but I didn't get any pics......too wet!

And, on Fri. I got in three hours of pedaling in Sedona. Nice to be back on the bike after sooooo long.

Ripping down the slickrock wash. Check out the grind hole behind me - when it floods the hard rocks spin in the sandstone hole & grind it deeper. very highly polished stones.

Dropping in & ripping it up. D. was impressed!

Chillin' on the rock. It was very snowy/mucky in the shade of the big rocks.

Heading towards Rabbit Ears.

Lots of nice cold, clear water.

Looking out of our Verde house to the south with Pine Mountain in the center.

........and to the east with the old farm next door & the cliffs on the other side of the river. Top soil 14' deep!

That's it for now, faithful readers! Very, very busy. Looking like a good 2011 for the Garros so far. Thanks All! - Steve.


Mimbres Man said...

Great stuff Steve! Ripping it up at all levels!
BTW did Smithers fall in?

gabe said...

CLEAN! Nice stand for your new vice.....

bobdabody said...

Never heard of the Fumes but Im going to check 'em out. seems appropriate for your line of work.